Best Full Time Jobs in Bangalore (Hiring Now!)

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Finding full time jobs seems like a lot of frustration. But here we list some of the highest paying full time jobs, which can make it a bit simpler for you to navigate the career options. When it comes to the highest full time jobs, you can find them in management, medicine, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. However, full time jobs in India have significantly improved due to the onslaught of rapid global development. Despite the worldwide epidemic, India has improved substantially as a result of the attack of rapid global developments.

Despite the worldwide epidemic, India has a rapidly expanding economy and a remarkably diverse labor market. There are almost as many high-paying occupations available in India as in any first-world country. 

10 Best Full Time Jobs in Bangalore

Full time jobs #1 – Marketing Manager

Any industry must have marketing as one of its essential elements. The demand for marketing professionals has grown significantly due to the rapid growth of digitalization. In order to improve their organizations, a large number of businesses today employ marketing specialists. One of the best full time jobs in India is that of a marketing manager. Entry-level professionals often make between INR 4-6L in income, but experienced managers typically make between INR 15-22 LPA. To become a marketing manager, a candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing management. 

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Full time jobs #2 – Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants are the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India organization’s members. Since there is a severe shortage of chartered accountants full time jobs in Bangalore right now, it is one of the top-paying professions there. A CA’s initial pay is approximately 6-7 LPA, but depending on their degrees of experience and expertise, they may earn up to 30 LPA. An applicant must have reached a minimum of 55% in the commerce stream throughout their undergraduate or postgraduate studies to be eligible for certification as a chartered accountant.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India and the Institute of Cost Accountants of India’s intermediate-level exam must be passed before enrolling in an ICAI course. But graduates from other streams and postgraduates can also enroll in the CA program; in that case, a 60 percent passing is required. 

Full time jobs #3 – Investment Banker 

Investment banking has long been a well-liked professional path. Not only is it the highest paying job in the entire world, but also India. An investment banker assists their customer, who may be a bank or a company, in making sound financial decisions so they can maximize their earnings. As a result, it is among the most significant full time jobs near me because it enables you to manage both your own and other people’s money. The compensation of Invest banker full time jobs in Bangalore ranges from INR 4 to 40 LPA. Freshers are paid between 10 to 12 LPA, and freshers are paid between 10 and 12 LPA, and professionals with more extraordinary experience might earn up to 30 LPA or even more.

Bangalore has a broad network of banking institutions and financial services, which is constantly growing. The leading cause of the rise in the employment of investment bankers over time is this: An applicant needs a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, business administration, or a closely related field to become an investment banker. A further advantage is having a master’s degree in one of these specializations. 

Full time jobs #4 – Management Constant 

Management consultants are flourishing as full time jobs near me. Candidates need a bachelor’s and master’s degree in a business-related subject to be hired as management consultants. Although individuals from all streams are eligible for admittance into this profession, those with backgrounds in finance, accounting, or economics have a distinct advantage. Additionally, a lot of businesses now recognize qualifications in management consulting. 

Given that the average pay for a management consultant is between 11 and 12 LPA, it is one of the highest-paying full time jobs. With a few years of expertise, a consultant’s income could rise to 8–11 LPA from an entry-level wage of about INR 6-7 LPA. Even INR18-23 LPA is attainable for highly experienced management consultants. A management consultant’s primary duty is to assist firms in resolving issues, boosting productivity, and, ultimately, maximizing growth. The company’s operations, management, structure, and strategy are all part of the job description.

Full time jobs #5 – Professional pilot

A commercial pilot is one of the most incredible positions on the list of full time jobs. A pilot is a person in charge of controlling a flight. Commercial pilots fall into various categories, including air carrier pilots, airline captains, air force pilots, commuter pilots, and aircraft pilots. Commercial pilots’ pay in India is heavily influenced by their experience level. The initial wage is typically in the range of INR 16 lakhs annually. In addition to commercial pilots, air traffic controllers are paid well in India. Therefore, all occupations associated with flying are well-paid.

Indian aviation regulations require pilots to have 250 flight hours before they may fly commercial aircraft. Additionally, your certification, the industry you are applying to, and the number of flying hours you have logged all directly affect your pay. These days, pilots with Navy experience are frequently employed by commercial organizations. A commercial pilot’s income in India might reach up to INR 70 LPA after 20 years of expertise.

Full time jobs #6 – Defense Services for the Nation

Another one of the top full time jobs profiles is this one. The Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy make up the National Defence Forces, which consists of three uniformed services. Candidates must pass several tests, such as the NDA, AFCAT, CDS, etc., to be hired by these services. For various jobs in defense services, several tests are held. Defense services jobs are rewarding while being hard. They receive a generous salary that varies from 7 to 12 LPA.

Full time jobs #7 – IPS and IAS

IAS and IPS are your best options if you’re seeking full time government jobs with the most extraordinary salaries. These two act as pillars that support the nation and control its development. The competitive test for IAS or IPS selection is given by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Candidates for the position of Superintendent of Police are appointed by the Indian Administrative Services (IAS). Similarly, applicants for the position of DM are selected by the Indian Police Services (IPS) (District Magistrate).

IAS and IPS collaborate to preserve unity and manage the government. Because of this, they receive high pay and are regarded as the finest full time jobs. The pay range for IAS and IPS is between 6-7LPA, according to the seventh pay commission.

Full time jobs #8 – Experts in Machine Learning

Machine learning engineering is another well-liked full time job with the highest income in India. The typical compensation for entry-level professionals is between 6-7LPA. However, for people with 10 to 19 years of expertise in this profession, the payment might reach 1CR annually. Bangalore is one of the Indian locations that might provide the finest career prospects in machine learning. Python and other related programming languages’ competence will raise the average pay for experts in this industry.

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, is being used in various sectors like BFSI, retail, healthcare, and transportation. It is among the top occupations in India, and the employment market there is constantly growing. A candidate must receive a B.E./B. Tech in Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Science, or Statistics if they wish to specialize in machine learning. Additionally, earning additional degrees in related subjects, such as postgraduate or doctoral degrees, will enhance your credentials.

Full time jobs #9 – Data scientist

Data scientists find themselves as one of the full time jobs in India. The starting salary for data scientists, even those with no prior work experience, ranges from 4 to 12 lacs annually. A data scientist may take between 60 and 70 LPA with just five years of expertise in this profession. Medical professionals as a career option have long been available. However, the profession of a data scientist is comparatively unknown and pays well.

Full time jobs #10 – Medical Specialists

According to various studies, medical professions (Doctors & Surgeons) are among the most well-liked and well-paid full time jobs in India. In India, the average pay for medical professionals is about 10 LPA, and about 25% receive a yearly income of 20 LPA. The specialization stream a medical practitioner comes from typically affects their pay. Professionals now choose high-paying specializations in addition to the classic ones, such as optometry, agribusiness, pharmacy, dentistry, etc.

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