Top 7 Part-time Jobs in Gurgaon for Management Graduates

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Businesses in Gurgaon are always growing and constantly competing with one another to be on top of their range of offered services and products. The city has an ocean of companies that are making it to the unicorn lists every year! These industries are constantly in search of management graduates who can help connect with the current target audience and help maximize the organization’s potential as being the default choice for any buying decisions being made. 

There are various part-time jobs for management graduates that are hiring and if you are a recent graduate, or even looking for a career switch. Know that there are a wide variety of job types available for business graduates and you can select the job to take based on the requirements that are associated with that job type. 

Additionally, there are a plethora of courses and diplomas you can add to your resume to boost your chances of getting a job. Taking up a part-time job for management graduates can open pathways to having an experience while still having the opportunity to explore what you want to do in your career.

This blog explores 7 part-time jobs in Gurgaon for Management Graduates!

7 Jobs for Management Graduates in Gurgaon

Business adviser:

As a Business Advisor, the candidate will be responsible for making sure the organization follows a streamlined process that aligns well with increasing the workspace productivity. The candidate will also be responsible for coming up with marketing strategies that will help in maximizing profits for the organization. Attention to detail is a must and being able to voice opinions with a solid plan is an added skill that will help the candidate propel higher in their career. 

The responsibilities include:

  • Financial analysis of records and propose budgets to ensure minimum losses during campaign or operations run
  • Be involved in improvising sales, marketing, and branding strategies to maximize profits
  • Identifying and acting on business-related opportunities for growth and success
  • Assessing any employee, vendor, and supplier contracts
  • Performing risk analysis and understanding what can work for the benefit of the organization
  • Analyzing business trends and coming up with strategies that can keep the brand relevant in current changing market demands
  • Recommend operational changes to help smoothen existing processes 

Position requirements: 

  • Have a management degree with an optional specialization in strategic management or business development
  • Interest in conducting independent market research and keeping updated with recent development in trends
  • Attention to detail and creative thinking
  • Project management and understanding of points of change or areas that have a scope for development
  • Be good with financial analysis and budget planning
  • Have fluency with integrated strategic management tools
  • Exceptional communication skills

Business analyst:

Analysing and improving existing processes and methods is a routine for any organization at any stage and a business analyst plays a crucial role in making sure of this. As a business analyst, the candidate will be required to work with project managers. The candidate will also be required to perform a detailed analysis of existing models, document existing practices & processes. Having a flair for understanding and working with numbers and methodologies is a must alongside being great at communicating requirements in understandable language.

Requirements for this position:

  • Analyze and calculate the efficiency of business processes while understanding areas that is in need of improvement or have scope for improvement
  • Being in sync with current market trends and making changes and improvements in the existing strategies
  • Documenting and communicating about the changes that are to be done
  • Performing regular analysis and checking
  • Creatively solving problems at hand 
  • Making sure business objectives are being made
  • Be open to constantly updating existing knowledge and skills

Position requirements: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree in the field of business, an MBA with a specialization in business management are appreciated
  • Experience in actively and successfully achieving targets as set by the organization or by the company
  • Be able to follow up on changes that have been previously recommended
  • Exceptional communication skills are appreciated
  • Attention to detail and having an organized workflow process
  • Have leadership skills

Business development manager:

Do you enjoy creating business masterpieces from scratch? Then this position is absolutely for you! As a business development manager, you will be required to observe, analyze and develop constructive changes in the way a business is operating to boost the performance and profits of the company. 

Responsibilities associated:

  • Getting in touch with clients and conducting meetings to convert them into clients
  • Monitoring new marketing campaigns
  • Researching ways to expand business
  • Improving sales, working on proposals
  • Help the organization grow each financial year
  • Be a representative of the organization wherever and whenever required

Position requirements: 

  • A degree in business, an MBA in marketing
  • Have extensive experience in sales and marketing
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to undertake tasks with little to minimum monitoring
  • Responsible and accountable for assigned tasks completion and success
  • Manage people and ensure the organization structure is progressing

Data analyst:

In recent years, data has emerged as a currency that can change how an organization is able to offer its products and services to its target audiences. But this data is continuously changing and getting more complex with each day. This is where a data analyst can help! As a data analyst, a candidate will be responsible for fetching data, understanding metrics and identifying trends that can help in growing an organization with ease!

Responsibilities of a data analyst:

  • Performing quality assurance checks on available data
  • Keeping the data secured and in check with recent trend developments
  • Being able to identify areas that need improvement
  • Come up with innovative ways to improve current data architecture
  • Security management and reporting any issues to teams who can take care of it

Requirements to take up this position:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Have the ability to analyze the performance of existing systems & provide innovative solutions
  • Interact with clients to understand their needs and come up with workable solutions
  • Experience in methodologies for handling large-scale databases
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Have a problem-solving attitude 

Data scientist:

As a data scientist, you will be responsible for analyzing raw data by combining statistical and mathematical methodologies to make the best out of what’s available. As a data scientist, you will be responsible for making sound interpretations and drawing constructive conclusions. Data science is being taught at many online institutions and can be learnt by taking up courses. 

Responsibilities associated with the position:

  • Collect and interpret raw data
  • Be aware of trends in data interpretation and sourcing
  • Researching methods and innovative approaches for data collection and analysis
  • Develop machine learning methods
  • Communicating challenges, interpretations and development trends with others in the team

Requirements for this position include:

  • A degree in Mathematics or applied statistics
  • Certification or diploma in data science
  • Have hands-on experience in using data visualization tools
  • Understanding of multivariable calculus, linear algebra and statistics
  • Be aware of how algorithms work and are able to write algorithms of your own
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be aware of machine learning methodologies 

Management consultant:

Have excellent analytical skills and be able to communicate the effect to other departments. Have exceptional management and organizational skills to ensure all tasks are implemented on time. Be also involved in training procedures. A creative problem solver is important for this position. The candidate will guide the management in making necessary changes that can increase the efficiency and performance of the workforce. 

Responsibilities associated with the position:

  • Be able to identify problems at hand
  • Report findings to the management and follow up as and when required
  • Analyze and engage in the financial side of things
  • Issue sound advice and ensure efficient management for the same
  • Be collaborative with other team members

Requirements for this position include:

  • Excellent management and communication skills
  • A degree in business management
  • Have creative thinking abilities
  • Analytical and creative problem-solving skills 

Project manager:

A project manager has a crucial role to play in helping a business grows by constantly analyzing whether the projects are progressing as per the timeline while following budgets that had been set. The project manager is also responsible for ensuring that the quality of services/products being rolled out is top-notch and as per the trends. The candidate will also be required to interact directly with the client, updating them about the project progress and being concise with deliverables. 

Responsibilities associated with the position:

  • Work with other teams in the organization to ensure everyone is aligned with project requirements
  • Meeting with clients and internal team meetings to understand the deliverables and how the same can be achieved
  • Make sure every project is working in accordance with timelines without exceeding budget
  • Be constantly in communication cycle with the client and with respective teams to have every aspect of the project deliverables aligned
  • Troubleshooting as and when required
  • Continuously evaluating performance and 

Requirements for this position include:

  • A degree in a related field or equivalent
  • Have experience in project management
  • Have expert negotiation skills
  • Understanding tactful implementation of project management strategies
  • Have a cool head and be able to think through difficult situations

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