12th Pass Jobs in Nashik MIDC

jobs in nashik midc

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Jobs in Nashik MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation ) is the most important and successful business in Maharashtra in India. It gives companies a wide range of infrastructure options, such as land, whether it is open land or land that has already been built on roads, water supply, drainage systems, and street lights. As MIDC’s work moved into the middle of the state, it made significant policy decisions that changed the state’s social and economic landscape in a  big way. Here are some 12th Pass jobs in Nashik MIDC

12th pass jobs in Nashik MIDC

Jobs in Nashik MIDC #1 – Sales Executive 

When you take on the role of Sales Executive, it will be up to you to set sales goals and come up with sales leads. You will also be in charge of developing a sales plan that will work for the organization. In addition to this requirement, you will also have to answer questions and deal with problems customs bring up. You should be able to communicate well and work well with others. You should also be good at selling and negotiating. 

Jobs in Nashik MIDC #2 – Executive Administrative Assistant 

The executive administrative assistant’s job is to greet customers and help them with any questions or problems. Also, when customers call, you should be ready to answer any questions they have. You should also be able to make presentations, reports, and memoranda. In addition, you will have to write down everything that happens every day. You are expected to be able to set up meetings and send reminders about them. As part of your job duties, you will also have to keep track of the office supplies and ensure the file systems are in good shape. If you want to be an Executive Administrative Assistant, you should know a lot about how different office management systems work. In addition, you should be able to communicate well both orally and in writing. If you want to be considered, you should be good at solving problems and have a lot of drive. A candidate who has been successful in the workplace will be considered. 

Jobs in Nashik MIDC #3 – Project Engineer

It will be the responsibility of the Project Engineer’s job to keep an eye on the different engineering and technical disciplines that are part of the ongoing work. During each step of the project’s development, it’s up to you to give the best technical support and work with the Project Manager to ensure everything goes smoothly. You will have to figure out the details of the project by looking at the technical design, blueprints, and other studies. In addition to organizing and controlling all parts of the project, you need to know what the customers want and expect from you. 

Jobs in Nashik MIDC #4 – Quality Manager

The Quality Manager will work with the other team managers to ensure that the team’s final product will be of the highest quality. You will be in charge of keeping track of all the steps that go into making something. On top of that, it will be your job to ensure that the finished product meets the quality standards set by the clients. Also, before delivering the product to the customer, you must ensure that it meets all criteria. As a Quality Manager, it is part of your job to ensure that the product’s overall quality stays the same. Your main tasks and responsibilities will be to ensure the workplace is clean and safe and to keep the quality of the products consistent so that they meet the customers’ needs.

Jobs in Nashik MIDC #5 – Machine Operator

The Machine Operator’s main job will be to work closely with the departments of Production and Quality Assurance. As a Machine Operator, it is your job to set up the machine, so it is ready to be used in the production process. You will be in charge of managing or changing the capabilities of the devices, such as their speed, efficiency, and layout, to improve the quality of the products that are made. You should know how to run machines and make things. Two of the most critical skills for this job are paying close attention to details and being good at analyzing things.

Jobs in Nashik MIDC #6 – Process Manager

To work for our company, a Process Manager needs to be detail-oriented and able to see the big picture. You will be in charge of making our operational procedures and processes easier to understand and more effective. You will also look at the way we do things now to see if there are any ways they can be made better. Senior Management should be able to get a full report on all of the business procedures you have prepared and presented. You will be in charge of making sure that the safety rules are followed while the day’s work is being done. It would be helpful if you knew how to fix any problems that arise with the operations that are going on now. In addition to good management skills, you also need a strong analytical mind and a positive attitude to find and deal with potential risks to a corporation.

Jobs in Nashik MIDC #7 – Logistics Associate

If hired as a Logistics Associate, you will help the Logistics Manager and the other team members with all supply chain tasks. One of your jobs is ensuring all product shipments, both coming in and going out, are handled well. You are also in charge of several other tasks, such as organizing deliveries, figuring out how much transportation costs, and thoroughly checking the shipments. You should keep regular reports on your inventory and build a digital database to keep track of everything that goes on with logistical operations. In addition, it will be up to you to answer any customer questions or concerns and talk to any vendors or suppliers. Also, you need to keep the service standards high and follow the rules and guidelines that the industry has set up.

MIDC recruitment process for 12th Pass Jobs in Nashik MIDC

This group’s full name is the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. MIDC has made openings for Assistant Engineers, Clerks, and a number of other jobs for 2022. The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation is looking for people with different levels of education and experience, such as a Secondary School Certificate, a diploma Certificate, a Bachelor’s Degree, an Engineering Degree, and a Postgraduate Degree. Candidates who meet the requirements can use the online registration system to send in their applications. Here, candidates can also look at the MHADA JE Exam. Before applying, candidates must read the notice posted on the official website and make sure they meet the requirements for the job.

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