5 Top Jobs for women in Mumbai

jobs for women in Mumbai

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Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and a great place offering a plethora of jobs for women in Mumbai. The city is a well-established metropolitan and you can find offices of the biggest organizations here. The city is constantly moving and thee are just so many work opportunities for women to start with. 

The city’s well-connected and there are many transportation options available. The Mumbai locals are famous for the convenience they add to transportation. There are also metro stations spread throughout the city where you can take metro passes for. These passes last for a month and are highly economical since you get to travel unlimited times between two main stations. The food options are also very vast and you can enjoy mouth-watering fast foods. 

The pay grade is usually considered high since the cost of living in the city is high as well. The job satisfaction you can get from working in Mumbai will be carried out for the rest of your professional life. This blog explores jobs for women in Mumbai that you can start right away from the comfort of your home. Note that these job opportunities can be pursued on both, a part-time as well as full-time basis. 

Jobs for Women in Mumbai: Top 5 in 2022

1) Customer care executive: A very popular option when it comes to jobs for women in Mumbai, a customer care executive is responsible for interacting with customers and users of products/services that the organization has to offer. They are required to know how to use computers and data entry systems to document the complainants as reported by the users. It is also noteworthy that communication skills are important as you will be required to be incredibly patient & be able to work efficiently under pressure. 

2) Content writer: Freelance content writers is a commonly chosen path that many women are opting for the flexibility it offers. As a content writer, you will be required to write a wide range of content. These requirements can range from writing website content, press releases, ad copies, blogs, and at times email templates that will be later used for running ad campaigns to attract and garner more leads. There are various types of content writing jobs for women in Mumbai that you can take up and start earning right away.

3) Administrative work: Every organization is in need of people who can help them with administration work. Administration work includes data entry, creating and updating reports, responding to emails, and making sure all steps of the way get recorded in the system. They will also be required to make travel and event arrangements as and when necessary. 

4) Data entry work: This is a field that is constantly evolving and a hot cake in the industry. As a data entry operator, you will be required to feed information into the system and be able to manage bulk data categorization and be able to feed the data responsibly into designated categories. The candidate must have familiarity with data entry systems, and know functions at the back of their hands. Typing speed that ensures you are able to get as much information fed into the system as earliest is appreciated. There are various tally and other typing courses that you can do to enhance your skills. 

5) Virtual Assistant: As a virtual assistant, you will be required to speak with customers and clients of the organizations and take note of any important information they have to convey. Responding to emails, scheduling appointments, and making travel plans will be part of the routine. Communication skills are incredibly important as you will be dealing with information (verbal as well as written) at all times. 

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