7 Part-time Finance Jobs for Freshers to Take Up

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Finance is an ever-growing industry that is constantly on the lookout for skilled and talented finance experts. Starting a career in finance is exciting, rewarding, and comes with responsibilities of its own kind. If you have recently completed your graduation or post-graduation in the field of finance, this blog can help in bagging your dream part-time finance jobs! Additionally, if you are looking for part-time jobs for freshers in finance, there are a multitude of roles you can take up!

5 Benefits of Working in Finance as a Fresher

  • As your experience grows in the sector, your earning potential will increase as well
  • There are many career opportunities within the sector, for example, as a fresher, you can jump into corporate finance or insurance finance depending on your area of interest
  • The finance sector offers the convenience of balancing work and personal life
  • A plethora of growth opportunities as learning never stops
  • You can even continue to study by taking up part-time finance jobs

7 Finance Part-time Jobs for Freshers in 2022

Trader/Stockbroker: With more people trying to establish an extra source of income or a long-term, high-yield investment stock market has gained momentum. Being a stockbroker is a growing popular choice for finance freshers. 

The job profile will require the candidate to have extensive knowledge and understanding of the market. Additionally, being able to communicate your opinion is crucial as well since you will be constantly keeping an eye on the market cap. 

This role also requires the candidate to be available during trading hours and be quick to respond to any buying, selling, or holding decisions the client makes. To become a trader, it is best to join organizations that specialize in stock market trading and consultation solutions.

Management consultant: Do you enjoy solving problems? Are you constantly looking to put the learned theories into practice? Then a career as a management consultant is worth exploring. As a consultant, the candidate is required to analyze problems (existing and potential) and come up with practical ways to solve them. 

Understanding business frameworks is important as the role requires the candidate to thoroughly understand the models in hand and step-by-step test the dependency and performance parameters. 

It is noteworthy that this is a very challenging and competitive job profile where freshers, as well as skilled experts, work together to solve finance and business-related problems so you will be constantly expected to upskill your knowledge and come up with innovative solutions.

Accountant: Many freshers prefer being an accountant as their first job since it is in most places regarded as an entry-level job and many companies are constantly on the lookout for candidates that are willing to work while learning the working dynamics of the organization. The candidate is required to have excellent communication skills, be presentable at all times, and be responsible for taking up charges as and when required. The candidate is required to have specialized hands in accounting, error checking, and fact-checking to prevent any potential miscalculation of data. 

Financial Analyst: Analysing financial data is the key to making the right investment decisions and financial analysts are responsible for coming up with insight reports that support the decision being made. 

The candidate will be required to work either with an individual, corporation, non-profit organization. The government too issues tenders for such positions. 

The candidate will be required to keep an eye on market trends and act whenever an investment opportunity opens up. Being good at data analysis is another skill to have alongside strategic thinking skills. Credit and budget analysis are other required skills to have. 

Actuary: As an actuary, the candidate will be required to evaluate, manage and advise on any potential financial risks. The candidate will be required to understand financial and statistical frameworks to develop financial forecasts. Come up with innovative solutions to prevent the possibility of undesirable events from occurring. 

The candidate will also be responsible to decrease the impact of any potential financial risks. The work is usually high pressure and the candidate will be required to have attention to detail and be ready to work in a variety of sectors within the industry. 

External Auditor: An external auditor is responsible for evaluating financial statements, investigating internal system operations to prevent financial risks of any kind. The auditor is also responsible to come up with innovative risk management approaches. The candidate must be able to perform audits for departments as required and make recommendations that are in sync with current industry standards. Reporting is an essential part of the job profile. 

Investment banker: The above-listed jobs in finance are for candidates who want to kickstart a career in finance but don’t want to get into banking. Banking is an excellent career option for freshers in finance. It is noteworthy that the above-listed roles can be taken up on a freelancing basis and is a great part-time finance jobs option but banking will require dedication and attention. 

Government banks either hire through exams that are conducted nationwide or individual job opening tenders that banks release. Note that there are many scammers who can guarantee a job in banking for a fee. The banks have a very organized and standardized system and the employees get hired without any initial processing or application fee. 

An investment banker is responsible for managing high-value investments while continuously identifying potential risks associated with these investments. They are also responsible for identifying trends in the current market and recommending the most practical solutions. Keeping an eye on market trends is a crucial part of being an investment banker.

Start Your Finance Career With Part-time Finance Jobs

Finance is a rapidly growing industry that is constantly on the lookout for freshers who can add value and innovative solutions to the industry’s rapidly growing demand. While it can be difficult to land yourself the right job, Gigin is constantly working to ensure you are able to find your dream jobs in just a few swipes! Looking for a job in finance as a fresher? Download Gigin and start your dream job sooner!

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