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GigIn is not an app but a community that connects the gig employees and employers. There are many apps that are focusing on office and digital jobs leaving a vast segment of society underserved. Gigin is an evolving as a community that brings everyone together. Gigin is a humble and inclusive effort to bring blue collared, pink collared and gray collar workforce to digital platform so that everyone in “unorganized sector”, “women workforce” and people who are “retired” have an opportunity to reap the benefits of digitization.

Over the last year, we have worked tirelessly to gather feedback from all of you to make the Gigin community - your own community and have developed Video Resume Builder, Intelligent Skill Match, Swipe Functionality, Hyperlocal and Conversational. A big “thank you” for your trust in us and enabling us to develop a platform that is designed just for YOU. Gigin community is Simple, intuitive, trustworthy and the one bringing everyone together.

To benefit from being a member of this community, all you need to do create a video resume. After that you will start receiving feed of jobs that matches your skills and are in your area. Swipe the jobs to the right to make selection and chat directly and instantly. Simple and fast!

Till date, GigIn app has helped over 40,000+ gig seekers (call center employees, carpenters, cooks, construction workers, designers, delivery executives, electricians, house maids, mechanics plumbers, front desk operators, full stack developers and many others) and 3000+ recruiters

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