5 Best Graphic Designing Jobs in Dehradun

graphic designing jobs in Dehradun

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Dehradun is a small city with ample educational institutions and a quiet environment that allows organizations to offer impeccable graphic designing jobs in Dehradun. Graphic designing is a budding career and with the rise in people consuming more visual content, the job position has become more relevant. Digital marketing in recent times has emerged as a field that is giving tough competition to offline marketing and advertisement. 

Graphic designing is a great way to express what the organization stands for but there are many things a graphic designer could be required to do. These range from designing creatives, creating videos, and even training interns so they can create designs that are top-notch!

Here are some responsibilities of a graphic designer:

  • Schedule design projects and be able to deduce a budget for the same
  • Be able to conceptualize ideas into highly-engaging creatives
  • Prepare logos, illustrations, and manuals
  • Understand the design brief and evaluate the requirements
  • Work with the team of copywriters and creative director in order to product creatives that are in sync with the client requirements
  • Test creative compatibility on various platforms
  • Make changes to creatives after feedback
  • Make use of appropriate layouts and colors for creatives as required
  • Have skills to create landing page designs 
  • Be able to design email templates
  • Create flyers, banners, and posters

Responsibilities and skills required for graphic designer in Dehradun:

  • Experience and track record in creating highly engaging graphic designs or a degree from a reputed institution in Fine Arts or Creative Design or gra[hic designing
  • A remarkable portfolio that sets you apart from others in the industry
  • Fluency with design software such as Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and InDesign
  • Have video editing skills and be able to create interesting and fun to look at videos
  • Eye for detail and be able to create aesthetically appealing designs 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Meet deadlines and be able to deliver high-quality work

Things to know about the 5 Best Graphic Designing Jobs in Dehradun

Graphic designing to many seems like a career option that doesn’t require much effort but the truth about this industry is that it requires highly creative and imaginative people who can create unique designs without losing touch with the client’s requirements. Knowledge of designing software is helpful the candidate will be mostly working on these only. Additionally, full-time work and part time graphic designer jobs in Dehradun are very popular. 

5 Best Graphic Designing Jobs in Dehradun

1) Art director: As an art director, the candidate will be responsible for creating highly engaging visual content and images that will feature in newspapers, magazines, and other media production outlets to ensure all touchpoints with potential clients can be touched. The creatives and other visual aspects should cater to the target audience.

2) Web designer: A web designer is responsible for creating ravishing design websites and landing pages that are capable of supporting sales funnel magnets & ensure successful conversions. Knowledge of coding is a must as you will be required to work with HTML codes and other coding languages to set up advanced features on the website.

3) Industrial designers: They are responsible for combining art, engineering, and business to come up with designs that are refreshing and a pragmatic solution to problems. These designs are supposed to be in sync with current industry trends and be of top-notch quality.

4) Product designer: A product designer is responsible for designing highly efficient and useful products that offer solutions to a problem at hand. These designed products can be a potential upgrade to the existing range of products. 

5) Creative designer: A creative designer is responsible for creating highly engaging and on-point creative designs that are engaging and draw user attention. Working in accordance with client briefings and catering to consumer demand is important.

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