How to Build a Freelancing Career: 9 Top Tips

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With many people choosing to be their own boss these days, freelancing as a career choice has seen a significant rise. With about 15 million freelancers in India right now, there are ample opportunities you can take up and launch a freelancing career of your own! With so many options available, it is important to conduct yourself professionally while constantly working towards growing yourself as a brand. 

A freelancing career requires and allows a person to explore realms of their industry of choice at their pace while also allowing them to take up multiple clients onboard. And since you will be working on various projects individually, having a systematic approach and being organized is important. If you are starting small, keeping tabs on finances, project management, generating ROI, and coming up with new strategies will be a few things you will be required to juggle efficiently.

With so many things to do and having many things to manage, it can get overwhelming to drive to work for yourself. This blog is here to help! If you are taking steps to build your gig career, this blog explores 9 top tips to kickstart your own freelancing career in 2022!

9 Fantastics Tips to Kickstart Your Freelancing Career in 2022

Freelancing is not about only getting one-time projects:

Defining a goal is important, especially when starting your freelancing career. This helps establish the kind of projects you will be taking up and the kind of delivery objectives you will have. 

These days, startups or small firms consider hiring freelancers because they usually don’t have the time to work on certain aspects of projects themselves and require expert helios without overspending. Many solopreneurs are constantly integrating freelancers to meet their business requirements. 

To make sure you are not getting lost or deviating from your aim, define your goals and expectations from your freelancing career before the start of each project and stay consistent with them.

What you have to offer:

Your freelancing objectives are different, and so should be the skillset you are offering. If you are good with one set of services and feel there’s more you can add to, feel free to include that as well. Be sure to charge your rates accordingly to prevent offering too much for too less. And while you are offering multiple services at a time, learning new skills is crucial to stay relevant. 

Consider enrolling in certification courses that are related to the kind of services that you offer. Through this, you get to learn newer things that are popular and required by your clients and also have credentials to mention in your portfolio. 

Identify your target audience:

For the services you are offering, there is an ideal client who needs them. By identifying where your target audience is and what are their needs, you can customize the services being offered. Know that there will be clients who might show uncertainties initially in your services, and the best way to prove your worth is through your work and results. 

Additionally, understanding the needs of your target audience will help to identify:

  • What they need
  • Service gap in the industry and where you fit
  • Where do your services fit in
  • How you can bring growth and value to your clients

Once you have answers to these questions, it will become easier to identify where your target audience hangs out, how you will be able to reach them (through organic search or paid campaigns or through referrals), and what offer you have to make.

Make an offer they cannot refuse:

It’s not always about being cheap with what you have to offer. If your range of services adds value, gets results, and is dependable, your potential clients will willingly pay you without negotiations. Moreover, always make an offer that provides solutions to your client’s problems. 

It is also a good idea to bundle up your range of services into packages after having identified a range of services that are usually demanded together. 

Be approachable:

A website is a great way to boost your freelancing career. Moreover, it’s a great place to have your portfolio updated timely, and have dedicated pages explaining what you offer and how you work. You can also have a legit email address where potential clients can drop their inquiries. Also, have the option to book consultation calls directly from the website. 

Through this, you not only become approachable but also have the ideal client take action right from the website.

Brand yourself better with each passing month:

As a freelancer, you are responsible for having your own lead generation. Personal branding is crucial as not only does it brings engagement but also builds credibility in the industry. 

There are many platforms where you can interact directly with your target audience. Gigin is one such platform that allows you to build your own brand and find jobs at your own charge. All this with just a few swipes! 

Have a contract or written documentation of the deliverables and project scope:

A common mistake freelancers in India make is not getting the excerpts and project deliverables signed in writing. This is a very crucial step as not only does it establishes the working relationship between you and the client but it protects you from no pay, and later negotiations on deliverables & charges. From a client’s perspective, it establishes trust in you and will build an initial foundation.

Identify red flags and do not hesitate to take your own stand:

Not every freelancing gig will be smooth. You will be encountering clients who may seem unrealistic with their demands. Some might even show hesitation to pay extra for added services. Having clear boundaries as a freelancer is important. The naked truth is these demands, if entrained once, will continue to rise and might begin to show up in losses. Always have your own boundaries, and if the demands seem too unjust, it is best to talk about it and talk your way through such situations to find a bridge to make it work through.

Have an exit strategy as strong as the onboarding strategy:

Taking up a client onboard is a happy occasion for every freelancer. Whereas, letting go of a client can be overwhelming and might inflict self-doubt. But here’s something to remember – your services are not the only reason a client leaves. 

Chances are they are expanding and are finally able to afford an in-house team, or there are budget constraints making it difficult to keep up with how things are going, and they want to take a step back to reflect. Always be appreciative of their time with you and be open to working together again. People remember people for the experiences they have had together.

Start Your Freelancing Career Like a Pro!

Freelancing is a continuously evolving industry, and the more ready you are, the more you will soar higher! Finding the right platform is crucial, especially if you are new to the industry and want to establish yourself as a reliable and dependable brand. Gigin is a platform that helps connect employers to talents, and if you are looking for a place to find gigs of your choice, this is your place to be! Register today and kickstart your freelancing career today!

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