New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Jobseekers

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Making a list of resolutions for the new year may sound cliche. However, the New Year is a perfect moment to commit to measures that will benefit your work. You’ve undoubtedly had some time over the holidays to reflect on the past year and are keen to break old habits and start fresh. But, like deciding to lose weight or pay off debt, declaring you’re going to do it is the easy part. Making resolutions is a terrific way to look forward to the new year with active, rather than passive, excitement. It’s a declaration of how you intend to improve the new year. The issue arises when those resolutions are too general and hard to quantify.

Examine your profession this year and create concrete, quantifiable goals that you can measure and attain.

So, if you’re serious about landing your ideal job this year, here are some outstanding commitments to stick to. Examine your profession this year and create concrete, quantifiable goals that you can measure and attain. Below are some ideas on new year resolutions that you can make for starters.

To Take your Dreams Seriously

Okay, there are some restrictions with this new year’s resolution. It must be appropriate for your family, money, and, in certain situations, age.

It’s conceivable that your job path is something you stumbled into while figuring out what you genuinely want to do or how to do what you want to do. On the other hand, perhaps the occupation you picked was affected by your family’s desires or what you felt would be wise to pursue rather than what you’d genuinely like doing.

Ask yourself if you’re pleased with your job path. If not, this might be the reason you’re having difficulty finding work. Pursuing your strengths makes the job hunt and interviews simpler.

To Make a Plan

Now that you’ve determined your aim, it’s time to devise a strategy. To make a plan must be your new year resolution. You wouldn’t make a cake if you didn’t take the essential steps, and you shouldn’t pursue your job ambitions if you don’t have a recipe for success. This begins with updating your CV, cover letters, and samples, as well as developing your online presence and broadening your network. Make a list of organizations to target in your search and fine-tune your elevator pitch to sound both persuasive and natural. Set attainable daily job-search goals.

To Become active on Linkedin

What about LinkedIn? How does your profile look? LinkedIn is critical to your total personal brand in the business world. You must maintain your cover letter’s material, tone, and appearance up to date, much like your CV. Examine the profiles of some of your contacts to see if they’re doing something out of the ordinary that catches your eye. If so, modify your page to have a similar impact.

If you’ve been taking your LinkedIn profile for granted, you’re missing out on a valuable resource. In fact, a bad or sloppy LinkedIn profile might hinder your chances of securing a job. Becoming active on Linkedin must be your new year resolution.

According to a recent Jobvite poll, 73 percent of recruiters have hired a candidate using social media. In addition, 93% of recruiters look at a candidate’s social presence before making a hiring decision. LinkedIn is the social network of choice for the majority of recruiters.

Furthermore, having an incomplete profile reduces your visibility in LinkedIn’s search results. Fortunately, LinkedIn informs you of your profile’s degree of completion, so keep going until you reach 100 percent! Finally, to improve your rating, post regularly and join LinkedIn groups.

To start networking

There are no drawbacks to expanding your professional network. You certainly encounter new people all the time, but do you take the time to listen to them, get their business cards, and connect with them? Try to identify at least one new person to add to your LinkedIn connections each month and watch your network grow. This must be your new year resolution.

Referrals account for 60% of the finest prospects discovered by companies. This implies that if you’re not putting yourself out there, creating new connections and cultivating current ones, you’re drastically decreasing your chances of landing an excellent job.

Relationships are crucial to networking. And, just like any other relationship, it requires daily effort to be fulfilling. For example, to remain in touch with friends and coworkers:

  1. Use social media as well as suitable old-fashioned means like the phone.
  2. In addition, take advantage of business events and other networking opportunities to meet new individuals in your sector.
  3. Utilize LinkedIn to reach out to other professionals and connect with new ones.

To Remain Positive

Yes, it’s difficult not to get cynical or disillusioned while the job search drags on. However, clinging to pessimism simply makes matters worse. Not only does it deplete your excitement and energy, but it also makes you a less acceptable job applicant. Instead, resolve to plan things that you like or excel at regularly, and maintain a robust support system of friends and family to keep you focused and grounded. Reward yourself regularly for little successes. Most importantly, make a daily list of the people and things in your life for whom you are most grateful. Starting from a place of appreciation rather than bitterness always leads to more significant results.

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