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Data entry operator jobs are really popular amongst students who want to pursue a career while earning money from doing part time jobs. These jobs not only help them start their own journey toward financial freedom but also enhances their overall professional skills that are sure to help as they progress in their careers. This blog explores everything to know about data entry as a part-time work option. 

What is data entry?

The data industry is a vital component of any industry. Data entry operators are responsible to feed, verify and edit data in databases and computers. With the rise in organizations transferring their processes on the digital platform, the need for data entry operators has increased drastically. The data operator will be responsible for making the best electronic formats available and conducting market research to understand the flow of data and its categorization for efficient and easy data management across the organization. 

part-time jobs

Data entry is a vast term that covers a plethora of responsibilities for part time jobs. Data entry operators can belong to many different occupations. For example, data processing experts, word processing experts, transcribers, and even data analysts are involved in this profession. These jobs offer incredibly flexible and a great option for people who are on the lookout for part time jobs. These jobs can be taken up for the on-site roles as well as remote roles. The rise in the gig economy encourages organizations to hire freelancers and even full-time contract employees for long-term work. The scope of opportunities is endless! Find 10 companies that hire for Freelance Data Entry Jobs.

Earning through data entry jobs

The scope of getting paid in the data entry industry is dependent on the type of job you take up. As a full-time employee in the organization, you will be eligible for a salary. There are other payment options too, like project-based payment, payment based on words written per day, or project-based payments. The rate of payment in the industry is largely based on the candidate’s ability to type, that is, the waster you write, the more you can earn. 

How to start a career in the data entry industry

If you are able to write consistently throughout the day (till the shift lasts) and can efficiently use computer systems, you are eligible to work in the industry. It is recommended that if you are considering pursuing a career in a data entry course, consider enrolling in courses that enhance your typing skills and teach tips & tricks to make your job at work easier. 

Here are some tips to follow to enter this career:

  • Enroll in data entry courses that can teach you how to write faster using keyboard shortcut tricks
  • Enroll in workshops to understand better how a career as a data entry operator works and how you can grow within the industry
  • Start with an internship to understand closely the job roles and responsibilities and whether the career is suitable for you
  • Get certificates or diplomas. There are plenty of these available and many online and offline institutions offer these
  • Consider getting a beginner/ expert/advanced certification in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and other software that is used within the data entry industry

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