Part Time Jobs in Pune

Part time jobs in Pune

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Are you looking for the part time jobs in Pune? Pune has the eighth largest economy of all the cities in India, and its per-person income is the sixth highest in the country. Pune is a prominent place for the engineering industry, and it has a lot of places that research cars. The Automotive Research Association of India, one of their central locations, ensures that every vehicle on Indian roads is legal. People who want to change jobs or careers find that the city’s thriving data information technology makes it a lovely place to do so. Before it was built, Hinjewadi Information Technology Park was a quiet little village.

Now, it is one of India’s seven largest centers for information technology. There are more than 20 software companies there. Seventy thousand people are working in the IT industry in India. There are rumors that Microsoft plans to set up a project in Hinjewadi that would cost USD 7 billion.

Part Time Jobs in Pune for Students

Content Writer part time jobs in Pune

Right now, freelancing as a content creator is not only a lot of fun but also a lot of demand for it. If writing makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, consider applying for this job. Content writers are professional writers who create content like articles, blogs, podcasts, electronic books, captions, and web manufacturing technology, among other things. The job requires excellent writing and research skills and fluency in English at a native level. You will need to be very good at Microsoft Word and Excel. You will be expected to finish the task much before the deadline and be prepared to operate on it in your free time.

This means that the job will give you flexible working hours. It would be best if you had at least a bachelor’s degree to be considered for this job. It can be in any field. It is not as complicated as some other jobs because you don’t have to go to the office very often.

Graphic Artist part time jobs in Pune

The job of a graphic designer is to make a picture of the words that have been written. Most graphic designers get paid a lot of money. Almost every company needs and hires a visual artist to market its brand to stay competitive. To be considered for this job, you must know how to use design tools and technologies like Photoshop, Adobe, Corel Draw, and other programs. You will be asked to develop ideas for web design, logos, layouts, posters, pictures, graphics, or visuals that are not only new but also different.

Your main job is to develop and work on something that will motivate other people and help you reach your primary audience. If you think you are creative and can turn ideas into pictures, this online part time job for students could be perfect for you.

Data entry agent part time jobs in Pune

A data entry agent is needed so that data from outside sources can be added to the company’s server. In contrast to positions that came before it, this one does not require specific technical skills. You should know a lot about how to use Microsoft Office. You should have little trouble meeting the requirements for this job if you have a high school diploma or the equivalent in English and know how to type and talk fundamentally.

You will be in charge of making sure that the information about the organization is always up to date and that everyone can get to it quickly. The data from the paper records need to be entered into the program, or the knowledge from the recordings and phone calls needs to be transcribed even though people who enter data from home make less money than people who do the same thing in an office.

2 Hours Freelance Part Time Jobs Near Me

Stock photography part time jobs in Pune

If you know how to take good pictures of the world around you, apply for this job. When you work as a freelance photographer, you can set your hours and move at your own pace. Stock photography is in demand from several different places. You only have to upload the photos you have taken, and whenever they are used, you will get paid. In addition, you can also become a freelance photographer and set up your photo shoots.

App tester part time jobs in Pune

As people’s schedules get busier, there has been a significant increase in how much they depend on their phones. Some apps help people get more done, and some help people relax when they have free time or are on a break. App testers are hired so that the usefulness and performance of these apps can be tested. You might not have to know how to code, but you should be able to learn as much as you can about the program and give feedback to the developers.

Customer care executive part time jobs in Pune

As a customer service representative, the candidate will be in charge of giving information to customers and helping them with any questions or problems they may have. The candidate will also be in the order of registering and reporting complaints as needed, as well as sharing the results with the team members who can handle the objections that have been filed.

Typist part time jobs in Pune

A lot of paperwork is needed for an organization to be able to keep track of all of its procedures. A typist is in charge of keeping written records of these tasks. Communicating well in writing is essential; typing at least sixty words per minute is very valuable. Most jobs are in English, but you can become a regional writer by sending your application to local agencies.

Part time jobs for females in Pune

Virtual Assistant part time jobs in Pune

Virtual assistants are in charge of doing tasks related to an organization from a remote location. They ensure that all documents and processes are done according to the organization’s rules and meet current needs. A virtual assistant’s most important jobs are answering emails on time, ensuring all query forms are filled out with all the necessary information and taking calls as needed. This job requires answering essential phone calls, responding to emails, and telling the right people about high-priority tasks. Make and manage travel plans for higher-ups, make sure invoices are sent out on time, Keep track of what has been said, and ensure that the management is getting the message.

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