I, the undersigned, an Indian national, aged above 18 years and having an address as per my disclosure, hereby authorize Gigin Technologies Private Limited to collect, process, investigate, store, use, transfer, and maintain my personal data (including sensitive data), if required for verification, in the arch to obtain an employment verification report in connection to my application for employment.

The background verification report may include information regarding my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, education (authentication of acquired or pursuing degrees/diplomas), employment history, credit history, court records, including criminal verification records as permitted by law, passport verification, permanent account number (PAN) verification and such other national identity verification, drug test, fingerprint verification, address verification, references from professional and personal associates as may be applicable and any other check as found relevant for the profile.

I further understand and agree that the background verification report may be obtained at any time and any number of times as necessary before, during, or post my association as a service provider.

I provide my consent to Gigin Technologies and its Third Parties for the processing of any sensitive personal information obtained for the purpose of verification. Call me in case any further information is required.

I understand that some or all of the information I have provided in this application form or that may be obtained through various sources during the verification process will be held as digitized or physical records for a period and for such use as may be permitted under the applicable laws.

I hereby authorize all my previous employers, educational institutions, consumer reporting agencies, and other persons or entities having information about me to provide such information to the Company, or any Third Parties retained by them for the verification purpose.

I understand that the continuance of the association with Gigin Technologies as a Service Provider is contingent upon the outcome of the background check conducted on me.

The proof of identity is enclosed and self-attested for reference. A photo, or any other copy, of this instrument, bearing my signature shall be equally legally valid as the original.

All the information furnished by me in this form is true and accurate to

to the best of my knowledge.





Note: It is mandatory to duly agree on the survey form that you have read, understood and acknowledge the Authorization and Consent form or else the application will not be accepted.