Payments Terms And Conditions

Pricing Plans: Gigin offers multiple pricing plans for employers to make calls to talent. These plans may include different features and benefits, such as the number of calls allowed,  additional promotional options. 

Payment Options: Gigin accepts various payment methods to ensure convenience for employers. These methods may include:

a. Credit/Debit Cards: Employers can pay for their chosen pricing plans using major credit or debit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

b. Online Payment Gateways: Gigin integrates with popular online payment gateways to facilitate secure transactions.

c. Bank Transfers: For enterprise-level plans or special arrangements, Gigin may provide bank transfer details for employers to make payments directly.

Refund Policy: Gigin may have a refund policy in place that outlines the conditions under which refunds will be issued. These conditions may include cases of technical issues, service disruptions, or unsatisfactory experiences. It’s important to clearly communicate the refund policy to employers.

Terms and Conditions: Alongside payment terms, Gigin should have a comprehensive set of terms and conditions that govern the use of the platform. These terms may cover aspects such as user obligations, privacy policy, intellectual property rights, liability limitations, and dispute resolution.