Should you work with an ex-employer?

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If you start a new job after leaving your previous one, you might not love it as much as you had hoped. If this occurs, you might want to consider going back to your ex-employer. This is why it’s critical to part ways on good terms with your old company if you’re going to return to your previous position. We’ll show you how to ask for your job back and when appropriate to do so in this blog.

Keep in mind the reason you left.

Even the most heinous relationships have their ups and downs, and it is often these that we remember the most vividly. People can make the same mistakes repeatedly because of this selective recollection. Try to recognise these thought tendencies when returning to a previous job. Recall why you left in the first place and see if those circumstances still apply. Were you dissatisfied with your career prospects? Or maybe you weren’t getting a fair deal? Have you ever disagreed with your boss? Before deciding to return, you must be sure that your original reasons for leaving are no longer considered.

Is it an excellent pairing for you?

Returning to something familiar, like returning to a personal relationship, can be immensely soothing. There’s no shame in acknowledging that we’re all safer in our little worlds. And, without a doubt, having a past boss provides some reassurance. When thinking about a return, though, you must be cautious and sceptical. You should consider whether or not this change will enhance your career in the short and long run. If you’re viewing this move as a temporary fix, think twice. Returning to former employment should only be considered if the role and company provide you with a gratifying immediate and long-term outlook.

Carry out your responsibilities. 

It’s advisable to take what your old boss says with a grain of salt if they call you up and offer you your old job back. Employers have a vested interest in hiring the most acceptable potential applicants; therefore, you should conduct some due diligence regardless of the employer. If you still have contacts within the organisation, you should contact them to discuss your return potential. Also, look into the company’s industry performance to determine any red flags. In other words, just though you know, the company doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into their property.

Don’t place an excessive amount of importance on loyalty. 

It knows that someone wants you back – whether for emotional or professional reasons. When it comes to business, loyalty will always take precedence over profit. Put another way, and a person has sentiments that a corporation does not. As a result, it can be challenging to make decisions based on inaccurate feelings of loyalty or indebtedness when a previous employer comes knocking. It is tough to separate uncomfortable emotions when making a significant decision, but they are necessary.

Everything should be revised.

You are not immune from negotiating the terms of your employment simply because you are a returning employee. However, whether the person across the table is your old boss or not, you should approach all employment talks in the same way. This agreement will set the tone for your career with the organisation, so make sure you understand all conditions.


Some people make the mistake of never going back to an ex-employer because they believe there are no new challenges. While this may be accurate, it’s always a good idea to double-check. To put it another way, there’s never a wrong time to follow up on any and all job leads, regardless of where they came from. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll feel vindicated in your decision to leave the organisation. In the best-case scenario, you might find a new job that you like. Having blinders can hinder your growth, as it can with most things in life.

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