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The Ultimate Guide on What Is a Social Media Marketer? And How to Become One

Noted as an amazing work from home jobs for women, social media marketers will be responsible for making the best use of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote an organization and the wide range of services/products the organization has to offer! 

A social media marketer can either work either directly from the office in a full-time role or can be done on a freelance basis as well as on a full-time/part-time basis. With the rise in the use of using social media, the role of the social media marketer has significantly grown making it a career that’s selling like hotcakes!

The difference between being a social media marketer and being a social media manager

A social media manager shares the same range of responsibilities as a social media marketer. While the terms are used interchangeably, a social media manager takes care of the overall social media management whereas a social media marketer is responsible for encouraging and engaging more of the target audience on target platforms.

Responsibilities of Social Media Marketers!

The role and responsibilities of social media marketing are highly about endorsing the organizations’ services and products. Here’s a list of responsibilities that you will be required to perform as a social media marketer:

  • Monitor the social media matrices with the intent to optimize all the future performance
  • Engage and respond to customer comments and messages
  • Work with the team of copywriters and graphic designers to create highly engaging and relevant content
  • Use social media tools to understand what your target audience needs
  • Keep in sync with social media trends and create content to keep up with the trend

Will the social media marketer be also responsible for running paid ad campaigns?

While in many organizations, a social media marketer is responsible for running Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads, there are organizations that have a specialized paid ad manager who will take care of the paid ad campaign side of things. But if you are working for a company that does require you to take up these roles, it is always best to get the necessary online certifications to be able to successfully run ROI generating campaigns. Both careers are highly regarded as being the best work from home jobs for women. 

How to start a career as a social media marketer?

A crucial part of being a social media marketer is knowing how to effectively use social media to your advantage. While social media may seem easy to use, the thing is, making the best out of the medium require more than just posting with a few hashtags. Here are some tricks to have up your sleeves to become a successful social media marketer:

Being familiar with social media platforms: Being familiar with various social media platforms is important. Familiarity with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many organizations also opt for WhatsApp, TikTok (or equivalent), and even Pinterest marketing as well based on where their ideal clients are, so being familiar with how marketing on these platforms works will benefit how you plan campaigns. Recognizing how the audience is different for each targeted platform is crucial. 

Knowing how to use analytical tools: Tracking performance online is the key to launching better, more engaging, and lifesized campaigns. Analytics tools give a constructive insight into how your posts are performing, what type of content your target audience is loving, and how you can come up with more effective campaigns. 

Creating relevant and high-quality content: Content creation is the backbone of social media marketing. Understanding what type of content your intended audience wants to consume goes a long way in ensuring success. Market research and analysis is also crucial part to focus on at all times. 

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