The 7 Step Guide to a Great Video Resume

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A video resume allows an individual to speak directly to the potential employer about what makes one uniquely qualified for the role. It can be a solid addition to the application and help individuals distinguish themselves better from the competition through creativity and personality.

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a brief video that an applicant can use for introducing themselves to the hiring manager or recruiter. It is usually submitted additionally to a cover letter and resume. In addition, the applicants can use the video resume for highlighting a skill or experience for showcasing that one is a perfect fit for the organization’s culture. An effective video resume is usually between 30 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes long.

The employer needs it: Some organizations may demand a video resume for providing an elevator pitch for why you are a good fit for the role. This particular method helps demonstrate your personality, which the organization may not get from just your documented resume.

You can consider including a video resume in the following situations:

You hold an extensive resume: If you have too much relevant experience, you may consider including a video resume to brief your top qualities and help the hiring manager understand what makes you a leading fit candidate. In addition, a video resume helps the managers keep the top highlights in mind while reviewing the documented resume, cover letter and others.

You want to personalize your resume: Though other organizations may not require it, including a video resume can help personalize your application and make it stand out from other resumes.

The 7 step guide to a great video resume

It is a different process in making a video resume, from designing a resume or writing a cover letter. It requires a lot of stage preparation and technical skills like visual storytelling and editing.

Follow these steps to make such a resume.

  1. Write down the script.

In this initial step, arrange what you need the video to resemble. For example, consider whether you need to sit before the camera to talk or again if you’d prefer to add activity shots of you showing skills. Suppose you incorporate activity, write out each progression of the video so you understand its order. 

Notwithstanding what the video resembles, you ought to likewise layout what you need to say. Assuming you need to sound more conversational than practised, consider composing list items of the particular abilities, encounters and capabilities you need to feature. On the off chance that you’d like to sound practised and be a bit more cleaned, work out accurately what you need to say.

When composing your speech, consider utilizing strong action verbs that you may include in the written resume to build the impact.

  1. Prepare a filming space.

Suppose you have shots of you sitting and talking directly to the camera, set up a space with a neutral background and alluring lighting. You can include props that appear natural to the set-up and don’t divert the viewer from you. If you intend to include activity shots, be sure that the essential props and equipment populate the space. You may also consider restricting the number of individuals behind the scenes or those that show up with you in the frame.

  1. Set up a recording device

Pick a recording device like a cell phone, tablet, PC or camera that can capture excellent pictures and sound to guarantee your face and high-quality images; your speech is also evident. Set the recording device sufficiently high to capture your face and shoulders and distant enough that your entire profile is in the frame. If you include action shots in your video, be sure that the device catches you completely.

  1. Record several takes

Utilizing your content or outline, record each portion of your video resume. Record your video a few times using various expressions and vocal tones to guarantee you seem comfortable, engaged and polished all through. If you are fixed while talking, consider splitting your speech into shorter sections so you can restart or have to start something new. This step can help you with choosing the best takes and may smooth out your editing process. 

You can record a longer portion of repeated actions without pausing and restart if you record an action. This step permits you to choose a single area of your action footage to include, and it might likewise cause the action to appear to be more normal instead of practised.

  1. Collect Additional Visuals

Depending upon the content of your video resume, you might consider including components like information slides, infographics, photos or clippings. Previously or from the previous editing procedure, consider gathering every one of the materials you might need to add to the recording you shot. These components can give extra information in a dynamic and connecting way.

  1. Edit the video

Review all of the recordings you have captured, and select the best takes. Then, utilizing your content or outline, you can start slicing and gathering footage to fit the story you made. You can also include the extra visuals, like references to accomplishments or awards, under the sound of your addressing show what you’re talking about. 

You can utilize editing software or an application that permits you to cut, organize, and save videos for compiling the videos. A few PCs, tablets and cell phones come equipped with video altering capacities also.

  1. Get Feedback

Review your final video a couple of times to guarantee the video is precise and coordinated. You can also ask a coworker, friend, colleague or mentor to review your video resume. They can give you helpful feedback to work on the video and establish a more grounded connection.


Lastly, focus on some points like focusing on a specific experience or skill; discuss an absent element in your application; dress professionally and review the employer’s guidelines. These tips help you construct a more professional video resume. All the best!

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