Top 10 Full Time Jobs in Delhi

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Finding Full time jobs is frustrating. To help you explore your career possibilities, we’ve included some of the best-paid Full time jobs below. The top-paying Full time jobs are available in management, medical, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. However, the surge of rapid global growth has greatly boosted Full time employment in India.

India has significantly improved as a consequence of the impact of rapid global advancements, notwithstanding the worldwide pandemic. India’s economy is increasing, and its job market is exceptionally varied despite the worldwide pandemic. India has virtually as many high-paying jobs as any other first-world nation.

Full time jobs #1 – Content writer

The job description area that discusses responsibilities and tasks is the most crucial. The regular duties of the Full time jobs in Delhi, the role of the position within the business, and the name of the manager to whom the employee will be reporting should all be described here. Campaigns for content marketing should be developed to attract subscribers and leads. SEO best practices are used to drive visitors to our website. Publish information regularly, such as blogs, white papers, social media updates, and emails.

Actively run, market, and propose content for our blog to appropriate third-party platforms. Edit material that team members have produced. Make any necessary adjustments after analyzing content marketing analytics. Sync up with other departments to generate fresh content concepts.

Full time jobs #2 – Marketing Manager

Marketing is a vital component of any industry. Due to the fast expansion of digitization, there is a considerable increase in the need for marketing specialists. Today, a substantial number of companies use marketing consultants to better their operations. A marketing manager has one of India’s top Full time jobs. Experienced managers often earn between INR 15-22 LPA, and entry-level experts frequently earn between INR 4-6L. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing management is required for employment as a marketing manager.

Full time jobs #3 – Physiotherapist

Injuries’ underlying causes are determined by physiotherapists, who also create individualized treatment regimens for their patients. To improve a patient’s health, they employ treatment and physical activities. They could also collaborate with patients’ families to address chronic diseases. Their duties include identifying, evaluating, and treating particular issues; promoting and aiding with movement and mobility; counseling patients on accepting and adjusting to impairments; and keeping meticulous records on patients’ performance and improvement. The majority of jobs in this industry require applicants to have a BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) degree in addition to a few years of practical experience in a hospital or clinic.

Full time jobs #4 – Management Constant

Management consulting is in high demand as a Full time occupation close to me. For employment as management consultants, candidates must hold both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in a field linked to the business. Although people from diverse backgrounds can enter this field, those with degrees in finance, accounting, or economics are clearly at an advantage. In addition, several companies increasingly acknowledge credentials in management consulting.

It is one of the highest-paying Full time jobs, with the typical management consultant salary falling between 11 and 12 LPA. From a starting salary of roughly INR 6-7 LPA after a few years of experience, a consultant’s income might increase to 8–11 LPA. For highly skilled management consultants, INR18–23 LPA is even doable. Helping businesses resolve problems, increase productivity, and eventually maximize development is the primary responsibility of a management consultant. The job description includes information on the organization’s management, structure, and strategy.

Full time jobs #5 – Interior designer

To create solutions for their clients, interior designers may work alone or as part of a design team. They do in-depth research and give clients various options that meet the required criteria. To complete several projects at once, they can work on-site and in a studio. As part of their responsibilities, they meet with clients and take thorough notes of their specifications and requirements.

They also prepare suggestions and solutions in response to client requests, share helpful conceptual models and material recommendations with clients, and conduct on-site visits to ensure that projects are completed on time and are turned over to clients. Employers could favor applicants with a bachelor’s degree in architecture or interior design and professional experience. AutoCAD, 3D modeling software, and rendering tools expertise is highly valued.

Full time jobs #6 – Experts in medicine

According to several research, medical careers (Doctors & Surgeons) are one of India’s most preferred and well-paid Full time jobs. In India, the average salary for medical professionals is 10 LPA, and over 25% make over 20 LPA per year. A medical professional’s remuneration generally depends on the specialty stream they came from. In addition to the traditional specialties like optometry, agriculture, pharmacy, dentistry, etc., professionals increasingly select very lucrative specializations.

Full time jobs #7 – Data scientist

One of the Full time careers available in India is for data scientists. Data scientists may earn a beginning annual salary of between 4 and 12 lacs, even if they have no professional experience. Even after only five years in the field, a data scientist may take between 60 to 70 LPA. It has long been possible to work as a medical practitioner. But despite being well-paid and relatively unknown, data science is a thriving field.

Full time jobs #8 – Machine learning specialists

Another well-liked Full time career with the most incredible pay in India is machine learning engineering. For entry-level professionals, the standard salary ranges from 6-7LPA. However, the compensation might exceed 1CR per year for those with 10 to 19 years of experience in this field. One of the Indian cities that might offer the best opportunities for a machine learning career is Delhi. Proficiency in Python and other comparable programming languages will increase the average wage for professionals in this field.

Several industries, including BFSI, retail, healthcare, and transportation, employ machine intelligence, including machine learning. It is one of the most popular professions in India, where the labor market is continually expanding. If a candidate wants to specialize in machine learning, they must have a B.E./B. Tech in Computer Science, Computer Technology, Data Science, or Statistics. Your credentials will also be strengthened if you obtain further degrees in similar fields, including postgraduate or doctorate degrees.

Full time jobs #9 – Services for National Defense

This is another of the best Full time work profiles. The National Defence Forces are made up of three uniformed forces: the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy. To be employed by these services, applicants must complete a number of examinations, including the NDA, AFCAT, CDS, etc. There are several examinations performed for various jobs in the defense forces. Jobs in defense services are challenging yet rewarding. They are paid generously, ranging from 7 to 12 LPA.

Full time jobs #10 – Professional pilot

One of the most impressive careers available Full time is becoming a commercial pilot. Those in charge of directing a flight are pilots. Air carrier pilots, airline captains, fighter pilots, commuter pilots, and aircraft pilots are some of the several types of commercial pilots. In India, the amount of experience a pilot has a significant impact on their compensation. A starting salary of around INR 16 lakhs per year is average. Air traffic controllers also earn good money in India, in addition to commercial pilots. Since flying is a lucrative industry, all related jobs are well rewarded.

Before they are allowed to operate commercial aircraft in India, pilots must have logged 250 flight hours. Your income is furthermore strongly influenced by your qualification, the sector you are applying to, and the number of flying hours you have racked up. Navy-experienced pilots are now routinely hired by private companies. After 20 years of experience, the salary of an Indian commercial pilot might reach up to INR 70 LPA.

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