Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Fresher

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The advent of technology has left no one untouched today. The rise in industries depending on & integrating technology into their work ecosystem has opened gateways for people from various fields to be part of industries in which they might not have specific specialization. While there is plenty of jobs for freshers, you can start working in your choice of industry by finding a job on the Gigin app! Art graduates are known for being creative and having a wider perspective on life. They are versatile students and can be part of the workforce & contribute actively to the overall goals and motives of the organization. 

Art has become a popular and challenging stream that prepares candidates to take on creative roles. Art graduates are often preferred for roles that require exercising creativity and being able to produce amazing results. There are various fields within the art stream that help organizations move a step ahead. Economics and psychology are common fields that commonly hire art graduates. Other fields like teaching and being a subject matter expert is other jobs that pay well and are popularly opted for jobs for freshers. 

Additionally, there are various courses, including certifications and diploma courses, that art students can do to increase their potential to find more job opportunities. 

This blog explores the top 10 part-time jobs for freshers that art graduates can take up. 

Top 10 Jobs for Freshers Who are Recent Art Graduates

Graphic designer: It is amongst careers that are constantly on the grow and is looking for people who want to put their creative side into creating stunning designs that fit client expectations. Fluency in photo editing, designing, and in some places, video editing is required. While there are further many specific niches within graphic designing that you can pursue. Hiring a graphic designer usually aims to attract the target audience with a visual form of content. Being creative and being able to think out of the box is important. 

SEO analyst: Search engine optimization is rapidly expanding, and many have chosen this as their preferred career. It is among the leading job for freshers in India. You can successfully land this job with proper training and online courses. SEO analysts are responsible for using different strategies and techniques to ensure the content being written soars high on the internet and gets seen by the target audience. Having analyzing, planning, and strategizing skills are required for this position. 

Fashion designing: A highly creative, fast-paced industry that is constantly on the lookout for individuals who can create captivating designs that are in sync with current trends. Knowledge of current fashion trends and being able to come up with creative ideas is a must. Knowledge of stitching, finding the right fabric, and ensuring the designs are unique are important skills to have. A career in fashion designing is often rewarding and something you can consider doing part-time. 

Media manager: Known for their master skills in communication, these professionals are responsible for all types of media content a brand is showing and promoting on their platform. From being able to write, edit and proofread strategically, these experts are capable of planning strategies way ahead of time. Being able to conduct press conferences and interviews smartly is a crucial part of the job. The salary range is satisfactory, and anyone with the right interest and skills can pursue this opportunity. 

Content writer: Being able to research and write content that meets the target audience’s expectations is the primary role of the content writer. As a content writer, fluency with grammar is a must & knowledge of using SEO tools and other content marketing tools is always helpful. The candidate can also be responsible for helping the SEO team with their share of content requirements. Content writers are hired for not only the English language but for regional languages too. 

Journalist: Journalism is a commonly opted field by arts streams students. With a degree in mass media and communication, students can launch a career in journalism. Additionally, various certification programs and diplomas can be done to start a career in journalism. Having a strong command of the target language is a must. Being able to derive articles from press releases is also an important skill to have. Copywriting skills are also required as you can be responsible for coming up with clickbait headlines. 

Psychologist: Psychologists are responsible for conducting research and are able to provide therapy sessions to people who need it. There are various fields within psychology that lead to different job profiles. These include forensic psychology, clinical psychology, child psychology, and organizational psychology. It is noteworthy that the field is also open for research, and if you are interested, research assistant or research-related apprenticeship positions are available for students to take up. 

Copywriter: If you are someone who enjoys coming up with quirky headlines and enjoy marketing products or services? Consider this career opportunity. As a copywriter, you will be responsible for writing highly sales-driven content that helps organizations makes sales. Knowledge of current trends *is a must. Being interested in culture and creatively capturing people’s emotions and attention will be the key skill to possess and master.

Marketing executive: Marketing is an industry that is always on the lookout for enthusiasts who can take up the marketing role seriously and is able to come up with creative and innovative ideas to market a service or product in question. Having the ability to understand what the consumer wants and being able to deliver it is an incredibly important part of this job. 

Digital marketing executive: Digital marketing has been on the rise, and with many organizations making the digital switch, the demand for digital marketing executives has only increased. The right intention and knowledge of the consumer’s wants is the way to go! Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads are usually the platforms you will be working with. 

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