Top 5 Latest Job vacancies in Agra

Job vacancies in Agra

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Agra is a historic city in Uttar Pradesh (a state in India). It’s best known for its world-famous landmark, the Taj Mahal. Recently, the IT sector has been growing in Agra, with a few companies setting up their offices in the city. Other sectors like education, healthcare, and retail also offer job opportunities in Agra. With Gigin, get ready to discover the top 5 latest job vacancies in Agra.

Top 5 Latest Job vacancies in Agra-

      1. Marketing Executive 

    A Marketing Executive is responsible for implementing marketing strategies to promote products or services. This involves market research, identifying target audiences, creating campaigns, and using various channels like social media, email, and advertising to reach potential customers. They analyse marketing data to assess campaign effectiveness and adjust strategies accordingly. Aside from that, they collaborate with other teams like sales and product development to make sure their goals are aligned with overall business objectives. On Gigin, you can find job vacancies in Agra for Marketing jobs.   

        1. Sales Lead 

      A Sales Lead is a key figure in driving revenue for a company. They are in charge of managing a team of sales representatives, setting sales targets, and developing strategies to achieve them. They analyse sales data to identify trends, evaluate performance, and make recommendations for improvement to meet or exceed sales goals. While providing guidance and support to their teammates, Sales Leads often negotiate deals and close sales themselves. On Gigin, you can find job vacancies in Agra for Sales jobs.   

          1. Video Editor 

        A Video Editor is skilled in assembling recorded footage into a finished product. They work closely with clients to understand their goals and preferences, and then use editing software to cut, splice, and arrange footage, add special effects, graphics, and sound to create high-quality videos. Video Editors must have a good eye for detail, creativity, and proficiency in editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or others. On Gigin, you can find vacancies in Agra for Video Editor jobs.   

            1. Telesales Executive 

          A Telesales Executive is responsible for generating sales through telephone calls. They reach out to potential customers, introduce products or services, and persuade them to make a purchase or agree to a sales appointment. Telesales Executives often follow scripts provided by their company but also adapt their approach based on customer responses. They must possess excellent communication and persuasion skills, as well as the ability to handle objections and rejection professionally. Additionally, they maintain accurate records of interactions and sales activities. On Gigin, you can find vacancies in Agra for Telesales jobs.   

              1. Accountant 

            An Accountant plays an important role in managing the financial aspects of a business. They are responsible for recording financial transactions, preparing financial statements, analysing budgets, and maintaining compliance with tax regulations. Accountants provide insights into financial performance, identify areas for cost reduction or revenue enhancement, and offer strategic advice to management. Therefore, they must have a strong understanding of accounting principles, attention to detail, and proficiency in accounting software. 

            Besides, they stay updated on changes in financial regulations and industry standards to ensure accurate reporting and compliance. On Gigin, you can find vacancies in Agra for Accountant jobs.   

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