Top 5 Work From Home Jobs for Women in the Field of Tech

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Growing in a career of choice has become a priority for women in recent years, and the trend is constantly on the rise ever since! While there are multiple best platforms to find jobs for women, the technology sector is an enigmatic field that has opened its door for women to join and boost productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, with the rise in work-from-home jobs, women looking to restart their careers after a long break have an ocean of opportunities to explore!

Women in the field of tech have made remarkable strides that have significantly encouraged the industry’s growth. The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) research estimates that nearly 1.5 million women are employed in tech companies. In addition, the sector is constantly expanding while offering flexibility such as part-time jobs for women, work-from-home flexibility, and even in some cases, hybrid work systems. So if you are planning to find a job in the tech industry, it is one of the best decisions you can make!

3 Inspiring Women in Tech You Can Get Inspired From

Debjani Ghosh: NASSCOM organizes, promotes, and helps firms develop through the Indian Leadership Forum. Debjani Ghosh is the first woman president of the organization in 30 years. NASSCOM allows firms to grow through networking and promotion of their offered services and products. It’s a non-government organization. Her belief in technology’s ability to enhance a person’s everyday life is remarkable. 

She is also responsible for ‘Think Digital, Think India,’ a campaign that aspires to support digital capabilities in India. Aside from her achievements in NASSCOM, Debjani Ghosh has also been named the first female president of organizations, including the Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology and Intel India. 

Vanitha Narayana: The Managing director of IBM-Verizon collaboration, Vanitha Narayana has been the catalyst for transforming IBM into what it’s known today. With over 30 years of experience, her roots in IBM have been deep. She has served as the IBM India regional general manager for South Asia and India starting 2017 to 2018. She is amongst the brains behind bringing the changes we have seen the organization undergo.

Roshni Nadar: The CEO and Executive Director of HCL, Roshni Nadar was once a news producer in Sky News in the United Kingdom before she decided to work with HCL Technologies. She also is the founder of VidyaGyan, a flagship educational facility that teaches academically bright and gifted kids from Uttar Pradesh’s rural parts. 

This blog explores five full-time, work-from-home jobs and part-time jobs for women that they can apply for. 

The Top 5 Work From Home Jobs for Women in Tech Industry in 2022

1) Software Engineer : Work From Home Jobs

Technology is evolving even the minute you are reading this. A software engineer is responsible for working on developing projects. The person in charge will be responsible for developing and directing efficient software systems, testing, and performance methods. Aside from this, executing software programming initiatives is also part of the role. Having excellent communication skills is highly appreciated since the person will be required to report to different departments and even clients about the status of the ongoing projects. 

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, specialization in software engineering, or any related field is usually required. Additionally, you can also opt to take up certification or diploma courses to enhance your existing skills. Having excellent coding skills is a must since you will be working with codes most of the time as a software engineer. Analyzing data and effectively working with the installation of new systems or even modifications to existing structures is a necessary skill to have. Strong team-building abilities and strategic problem-solving skills are a must. 

2) Project Manager : Work From Home Jobs

Project managers are often responsible for taking a project to the next level and achieving successful completion. As a project manager, you will be responsible for coordinating with your assigned team members to make sure all the required projects are being completed as per the schedules and deadlines. You will also be responsible for preparing status reports and ensuring efficient project communication throughout the departments. 

Being able to coordinate amongst cross-disciplines, keeping authorities updated about project progress, and also identifying project deliverables is going to be an important part of being a project manager. While experience is often appreciated, even if you are starting new, the organizations usually offer initial training explaining the processes and procedures to be followed. 

Work From Home Jobs

For this role, having empathy, the ability to work on deadlines, and be highly communicative about what’s happening within the team and how the allocated can be delivered. Knowing to code is not a necessary skill as you will be majorly responsible for working with teams of experts to meet project deadlines and expectations. 

3) UI/UX Designer: Work From Home Jobs

Do you enjoy creating experiences that are incredibly user-friendly. Other responsibilities will include ensuring all the elements are optimized for an incredible online user experience. This includes stability, usability, usefulness, and consistent improvements to enhance visual design perceptions. Be able to test elements including CTAs, page designs, tbs, search boxes, navigation menus, and widgets for target work. 

Work From Home Jobs

Be able to come up with innovative design solutions that change or enhance how a user experiences. Prepare highly functional sitemaps, diagrams, storyboards, wireframes, and prototypes. Knowledge and experienced hands in software systems like Android, Design Systems, Adobe Creative Suite, CSS (SCSS), iOS, HTML, and Sketch. Being a multitasker and a team player is important. UI/UX Designer is a popular choice for work from home jobs and part-time jobs for women.

4) System Administrator: Work From Home Jobs

Another popular choice for part-time jobs for women in the tech industry, the System Administrator is responsible for ensuring the data storing process follows security protocols and is backed up regularly. Aside from this, diagnosing and solving networking, hardware, and software issues alongside any system issue that could be hindering the process. Monitoring system performance for smooth and secure business operations is necessary. Microsoft MCSE certification or similar certification will be needed as a qualification parameter, and acquaintance with SQL and database operations is appreciated.

Aside from this, being a team player, knowing people management, and having excellent communication skills are other basic requirements for this position. Having problem-solving skills is another skill to have!

5) Technical Writing: Work From Home Jobs

All the advances being made in the tech industry are usually explained in highly technical terms making it often difficult for the common user to understand. This is where technical writers can help! A technical writer is responsible for communicating the advances, benefits, and other particulars that keep the reader informed and help them in making sound decisions about any purchases they want to make in the target industry. Interest and having an engineering degree are usually required usually. This is another popular work-from-home jobs and part-time jobs for women.

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