Top 7 Internships for Literature Graduates

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Studying literature is an extraordinary chance to widen your points of view about writing, culture, and the scholarly world. In any case, assuming you’re a literature graduate, you might be thinking about how you can apply that information in reality, particularly regarding getting a new line of work that is ideal for you. This is the place where an internship can help. Giving you insight into a specific sort of job, internships assist you with fine-tuning your attractive abilities and set you up for applying those abilities and information in reality. We provide you with 11 such internships for literature graduates.

Top 7 Internships for Literature Graduates

Some of the popular internships for literature graduates

  1. As a literary agent student, you’ll help the staff of an artistic office as they arrange contracts and plan original copies for publication. Likewise, you’ll help with refreshing the site and social media records, reading and assessing manuscripts, and taking care of email with authors. Contingent upon the sort of literary agency you work for, you may likewise be approached to plan contracts and partake in gatherings and workshops. This internship is a great opportunity to one more side of the publishing business. 
  1. Assuming that you’re a literature graduate hoping to fan out into reporting, an internship with a digital media organization, radio, or TV station is the best approach. Alongside investigating and fact-checking articles, your obligations might incorporate going to media events and refreshing social media accounts. Contingent upon the sort of publisher you work for, you could even get a chance to conduct interviews or compose articles. A reporting internship will give you the hands-on experience you want to secure your opportunity for a profession in journalism.
  1. For literature majors thinking about going into the not-for-profit area, an internship at a not-for-profit could be a solid match. From helping with award writing to overseeing online media accounts, you’ll get to put your relational abilities to use while likewise diving more deeply into how not-for-profits work.
  1. Whether you’re working for an autonomous publisher or a major distributing house, a publishing internship assists you with getting a feeling of all that is engaged with putting out a book or assembling a friend’s explored diary. From investigating writer histories to truth checking data, composing official statements, orchestrating book signings, and helping with the activities of your specific division, you’ll get incredible openness to what the publishing field is about.
  1. Assuming you have a solid interest in media and advertising, a Public relations internship could be another great choice. Based either at a PR organization or in an in-house group, this sort of internship will give you a firsthand vibe for the staff to make and keep a public presence for a brand. Likewise, you’ll figure out how to compose public statements, speak with clients, and pitch article ideas to media sources.
  1. Interning for a literary magazine is a superb chance to get more familiar with verse and short fiction while acquiring a few experiences in the universe of publishing. As a graduate, you’ll help the article staff with following entries, assessing original copies, and deciphering interviews. You may likewise facilitate plans, oversee social media accounts, compose press releases and participate in editorial meetings. It’s a fast-paced climate and allows you to wear many caps.
  1. Did you squash your Persuasive Writing class? At any point, wind up pondering WTF McDonald’s “agonizingly thick” motto was attempting to suggest? Provided that this is true, copywriting could be an incredible professional choice for you! Copywriting interns help full-time publicists create convincing duplicates determined to build brand mindfulness and convince the crowd to make a specific move. In this job, you’ll figure out how to lead research, compose brief duplicates, and use SEO standards to amplify the reach of your copy.

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From knowing how to investigate a report to organizing the various processes associated with publishing a literary magazine, an internship is a magnificent way for literature majors to research their choices, master new abilities, and reexamine themselves. 

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