Top 10 Part-Time jobs for Commerce Graduates

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A job immediately after graduation is not an easy chore unless you are recruited on-campus. Things can go out of hand if the job search is not organized, especially if you seek a good-paying job. However, getting a part-time jobs in these competitive times might not be easy. You can start with a part-time job as a starter. It is a good idea to begin your job search before you graduate, even when some factors like the state of the economy or interpersonal factors are beyond your control. Working part-time can help you learn skills from work experience that a college or a university degree won’t teach you with a part-time jobs

For instance, working in a fast-paced environment will teach you how to work independently or in a team, as well as how to use your leadership and develop a keen attention to detail. These are all important skills that you can use in a variety of jobs as well as in other areas of your life. In this blog, we will list the Top 10 Part Jobs for commerce graduates. 

Top 10 Part-time jobs for Commerce Graduates

1. Tutor

Tutoring high school and college students can be a potential way for commerce graduates to earn part-time. Parents frequently hire commerce graduates to teach high school students calculus, trigonometry, statics, algebra, accounting, and personal finance. Commerce graduates at the university level can tutor any course they have passed with flying colors. Being a tutor as your part-time job demonstrates that you can effectively clarify instructions and explain concepts understandably and concisely, which would look great on a resume. Tutors are required to modify their teaching method based on the learning style of the particular student. This adaptability shows prospective employers that you can approach issues in various ways. 

2. Legal Assistant

A legal assistant assists attorneys in their case preparation and client management by handling letters, organizing appointments, performing research, and filing cases with courts. Legal assistant part-time jobs for commerce graduates are good for those who want to pursue their career in law or civil service and can benefit from this experience. In addition, this part-time job can help commerce graduates to apply the transferable skills they learn in this function to future employment. 

3. Social Media Manager

Social media managers oversee the social media profiles for a client or a business and help in creating posts, connecting with the online community, managing themed campaigns, managing advertisements, and evaluating social media engagement metrics. This part-time job can help commerce graduates to strengthen their resume, especially if they are looking to pursue a career in marketing, advertising, communications, or public relations. 

4. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant part time jobs can also be done on a full-time or a part-time work-from-home basis. For example, an administrative assistant helps make appointment plans, make calls, manage files, bookkeeping, take meeting minutes, and more. These part time jobs for commerce students can help them sharpen their interpersonal skills, problem-solving ability, and being team players. 

5. Auditor 

Starting as a part-time auditor is a perfect choice for commerce graduates if they are interested in finance and wish to work with the company’s financial reports. Experts that gather and examine financial statements that have undergone an audit are called auditors. This part-time job for commerce graduates helps them by providing multitasking skills and learning skills like reviewing financial reports for compliance with laws and regulations, taxes, generating tax reports, and maintaining the order of financial information. 

6. Teaching Assistant 

A teaching assistant is a good part-time job for commerce graduates who are interested in teaching as a profession. A Teaching assistant is a person who helps a teacher with their educational responsibilities. Additionally, they help students with their assignments, test planning, and other academic requirements. It benefits commerce graduates by increasing their communication skills and enabling them to work in the service sector. 

7. Research Assistant

A research assistant helps assist a faculty member or on a project by doing several things such as using questionnaires, interviews, or research techniques to gather data, statistically amylase data and applying it to research, aid professors with putting together a paper for publication, and more. This part-time job for commerce graduates is beneficial because it helps them gain skills and knowledge that the classroom does not teach, it also helps in getting a good letter of recommendation that can help them get a good job in the future, and it also helps them network with other people that will help them in the longer run. 

8. Telemarketer

This is one of the most recommended part time jobs for commerce students interested in getting into a sales job in the future. A telemarketer’s job is not easy, and one has to be persuasive and patient and sell a particular product or service. However, the best thing about telemarketing part-time jobs is that it is extremely flexible and helps commerce graduate students to learn marketing strategies. 

9. Consultant

As more businesses seek professional guidance in various fields, including technology, management, marketing, and more, working part-time as a consultant can help as the consulting industry is flourishing. Consulting part-time jobs for commerce students can help use your skill and expertise in various areas to assist companies. 

10. Content Editor

A content editor evaluates blog posts, articles, and other written content to ensure it adheres to the style guidelines and is grammatically correct. Content editor part-time jobs for commerce graduates enable them to get exposed to different industries, and those who are interested in careers in publishing, advertising, marketing, education, and communication would profit from this part-time jobs

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