What are some non-IT remote jobs that are highly paid?

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The scope of work in the IT industry is endless. The industry is constantly evolving and needs skilled employees to help it grow. While the industry has many openings for tech-related remote jobs, there are still many non-tech jobs that women can apply to. These jobs are often flexible jobs for women and do not necessarily require a technical degree. 

This blog explores the top 5 jobs that are non-IT for women and pays well! These jobs top when it comes to finding flexible jobs for women and can be done remotely.

Top 5 non-IT remote jobs that are highly paid

Market Research Analyst: Research is an important part of the information technology industry, and as a market research analyst, the candidate will be required to shape effective marketing plans and ensure adequate advertisement production/services as offered by the organization. The role can be taken up in full-time, part-time, or contract positions. 

The responsibilities of a market research analyst include:

  • Collect data to evaluate methods of data collection
  • Use graphs, charts, and other visual aspects of representing the findings
  • Understand industry trends to conduct analysis and present the future scope of what the product/service has to offer
  • Fathom the efficiency of marketing strategies and the campaigns
  • Be able to perform statistical analysis to organize data in presentable forms 

The average salary for this role in India is INR 3,50,000.

Business Development Manager: This position takes care of existing and prospective clients from a business point of view. The candidate will also be responsible for providing necessary information about what the organization has to offer. The candidate will be working closely with clients, and having the best communication skills is incredibly important. This type of job is the highest paid in the IT industry.

The responsibilities of the Business Development Manager role include:

  • Be able to recognize sales patterns
  • Create product and service packages & pitch the same to potential customers
  • Be able to oversee marketing reports and analyze data
  • Be able to provide constructive feedback on the organization’s decisions

Salary: The salary for the position of business development manager is INR ₹6,004,80

Project manager: Project managers have an important role in ensuring that the team is duly following the timeline quoted for a project in order to deliver the project deliverables effectively. The project manager is also responsible for updating the management and superior supervisors about the progress being made and being accountable for any delays that are caused during the course of the project. Having excellent communication skills is important for this role. Considering the role and responsibilities this job type has, it is considered amongst the best flexible jobs for women.

The responsibilities of a Project manager position include: 

  • Be able to plan every step of the way in advance, starting from execution to delivery
  • Be able to allocate tasks efficiently
  • Responsible and respectful with resources available
  • Keep track of how the project is progressing
  • Segment the project deliverables and allocate them to relevant resources to ensure efficiency
  • Monitor progress and address roadblocks of any type
  • Work and motivate the team towards delivering a common goal

The average salary for this role in India is INR 40,000 to 2 lakhs.

Technical writer: Do you have a knack for writing? Do you enjoy writing technical analyses of the IT industry’s products and services? Then consider being a technical writer! Often chosen by women for being incredibly versatile and valuable. If you are planning to opt for this flexible jobs for women, you must have great grammatical sense and be able to explain complex technical concepts in simple, understandable terms. Additionally, being able to write white papers and press releases is an added bonus skill.

The responsibilities of a technical writer include:

  • Understand what the target audience is looking for
  • Conduct thorough research and market analysis
  • Understand the functionality of the product/service
  • Write flawless English (or any other target language)
  • Have knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Be quick with grammar checks

The average salary for this role in India is INR 4.97lakh.

Management consultant: Every industry is looking to maximize its efficiency. This is where a management consultant can help. They help in identifying loopholes in the existing planning and execution processes and come up with solutions that are time, money, and labor efficient. 

The responsibilities of a management consultant include: 

  • Understanding existing market processes
  • Help the team adapt to these changes
  • Find blind spots of low efficiency
  • Work with other team members to ensure productivity and motivation
  • Communicate clearly the action plans and how they will impact the overall process

The average salary for this role in India is INR  20,81,977

Women in Tech

Women are constantly joining the workforce in IT. These non-IT roles are high-paying and do not require a technical degree either.

Are you looking for flexible jobs for women? Download the Gigin app and find jobs near you that pay well and are just how you want them to be!

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