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Graphic designing is one of the most flexible jobs for women in India. The job requires the candidate to prepare creative and highly engaging graphic designs. Knowledge of graphic designing applications is appreciated and is a required skill. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva are basic photo editing software that is often used to create creatives as per the client’s requirements. 

The other skills require training juniors to ensure they are able to work efficiently on designing and editing apps. The candidate could also be required to work with other tools like MailChimp and web development tools. The candidate can also switch to UX/UI designing side of things if they are interested. 

There are different types of graphic designing jobs depending on the type of flexibility the candidate wants to opt for. 

4 Types of Flexible Jobs for Women for Graphic Designing Role

1) Position offering ample flexibility:

Finding a flexible graphic design job on Gigin is super easy. And while you will be able to find the best jobs for you that offer incredible flexibility, chances are you will not be required to change many of your office habits at all.

With the rise in work-from-home jobs, you can easily manage working while being able to have adequate balance with life. There are various companies offering hybrid work environments as well, It is n noteworthy that the kind of flexibility a graphic designer experiences is dependent on what the company has to offer. 

So based on the type of work flexibility that you are looking for, it is highly advised to speak with the organization to discuss what works best for you! Note that this can be an office job as well. 

2) A completely full-time remote position:

A full-time remote position for graphic design jobs offers incredible flexible jobs for women option. The candidate will be required to work from the convenience of their home or any open workspace that they are a part of. 

This work type is great to find jobs anywhere in the world. Under this work type provision, you might not have to visit the office unless there’s a special occasion but you will be required to work a weekly total of 40 or 45 hours. 

The only downside can probably be that if you are working for companies abroad, you can be required to work during odd hours. So keeping a track of your sleep schedule is really important. If this is the case, consider having a dedicated workspace where you can work without getting interrupted by family. 

3) A remote position that is part-time:

Part-time jobs are really popular these days and offer incredible flexibility for the candidate. This gives a candidate the freedom to work from literally anywhere. The only governing parameter being you will be required to complete the tasks that have been assigned to you duly on time. 

It is important to note that when joining a company, do research on how the company has been performing and if they are offering the kind of job security you want. At times companies hire talents on a project basis and once their project gets done, such candidates are removed. It is important to find flexible jobs for women through trusted job search platforms like Gigin to ensure you find the best jobs for you!

4) Freelancing graphic design gig:

Graphic designing is the one field where you can do freelancing work very easily. And with Gigin, you can easily land a graphic designing job that’s just right for you! Gigin offers talent the freedom to choose the employer they want to work with! 

Freelancing graphic designing jobs offer incredible flexible jobs for women opportunity as you have the power to decide when to work and how much to work. And once you have built the reputation of being an amazing graphic designer, you can bag more jobs through client recommendations. This way you will always have clients coming in throughout the year. As your practice grows, you can consider getting a website through which you can garner more clients and more!

Gigin – The Best Platform to Find Flexible Jobs for Women in Graphic Designing Industry! Are you ready to work? Download Gigin and get started right away!

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