7 Simple Work From Home Jobs Suitable For Indian Women

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Whether you are starting a new career or coming back from a maternity break, being able to find a job that is best for you and your schedule is of utmost importance. Work from home jobs for women has thankfully opened the gateway to have things your way. Many organizations today are offering flexibilities that many working women look for. 

But what if you have different interests and the career you want to pursue and the available opportunities do not align with your plans? This is where Gigin can help. The platform has a never-ending list of job opportunities that you can apply to. Be it a full-time job or just work-from-home jobs for women; the platform has it all! 

This blog explores the 7 simple work from home jobs for women in 2022 

7 Simple Work from Home Jobs for Women in 2022

Graphic Designing: For this role, the candidate will be required to use graphic designing tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. You will also be required to create videos as and when required. The candidate will also be required to come up with creative ideas to 

The responsibilities of this role include:

  • Be able to contribute to the overall team effort that is being made by taking up tasks
  • Plan concepts by understanding client requirements
  • Communicate with clients to understand their requirements from the graphic design
  • Creating a range of graphics with engaging illustrations that meet necessary requirements of the organization
  • Reviewing the final layouts and making suggestions as and where necessary

The average salary for this role is INR 18,600/month in India. 

Content Writer: Writing is a passion for many, but if you believe you can explain complex concepts in a fun, engaging way, consider becoming a content writer. Note that, unlike the common perception that content writing is easy, the truth is that content writing requires the ability to research and write complex topics. 

The responsibility of this role includes:

  • Perform in-depth research on topics and be able to work on the highly research-driven content
  • Edit and proofread content with the intention to enhance readability
  • Understanding the core updates launched by Google and adapting to the user intent changes made in the stated update
  • Create compelling and engaging headlines that are according to the best SEO practices
  • Be able to identify the customer needs and deliver content accordingly
  • Be able to help with advertising campaign needs

Social media manager: Social media managers are responsible for building a brand’s online presence through careful and strategic planning and posting. A social media manager is responsible for ensuring the brand is coming up with content that is fresh and aligns with the needs and wants of the target audience. The candidate also needs to understand the changes and updates in the algorithm that are made by the target platform. As these algorithms are responsible for making the content being posted trend and become more visible on the platform, being well-acquainted with these changes is much appreciated. 

The responsibility of this role includes:

  • Managing and running an organization’s social media campaigns for advertising
  • Monitoring and tracking an organization’s performance on targeted social media platforms
  • Create high-quality content for every social media campaign
  • Monitoring the growth of the brand on social media
  • Building brand awareness through social media engagement with the target audience

Data Entry: Keeping a record of data is important for organizations. Data entry operators are responsible for ensuring that all the data available in raw or uncategorized form is being fed into the system in an organized and well-structured format. Knowledge of MS Excel and other Microsoft Office software is appreciated. Understanding basic data analysis is appreciated.

The responsibility of this role includes:

  • Collecting invoices, personal details, and other information and feeding them into the system
  • Making changes to information with the intention to remove errors and optimize adequate data capturing
  • Entering and updating databases
  • Storing and organizing data in hardcopy format for anytime access
  • Report errors encountered during the time of data analysis and examination 

Customer support executive: If you enjoy helping people, then consider becoming a customer support executive. As a customer support executive, you will be required to assist customers in solving their problems through guided steps, taking note of their problems, and communicating the same to relevant team experts who can take care of the query. 

The responsibility of this role includes:

  • Resolving any customer complaints that have been reported
  • Constantly reviewing customer service processes
  • Hiring new staff and undertaking training processes to ensure the quality of services being offered by the company
  • Assisting in developing policies and procedures

Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants are responsible for executing organization-related tasks from a remote location. They are responsible for ensuring all documents and processes are being followed as per the organization’s protocol and are in sync with current demands. The major tasks that a virtual assistant will have to take care of include responding to emails on time, making sure all query forms have been filled with required details, and taking calls as and when needed. 

The responsibility of this role includes:

  • Answering important phone calls
  • Respond to email and communicate high-priority tasks to whoever concerned
  • Make and manage travel plans for higher authorities
  • Ensure timely issue of invoices
  • Keep track of communications made and make sure the same is being conveyed efficiently to the management.

Home-cook tiffin services: With the rise in work from home, there has been a significant rise in the number of households looking to hire home cooks or opt for services that ensure you are getting food at the required pace. Home-cook tiffin services have been the latest hot selling cakes in the industry, and if you have recipes that you think will win hearts and fill stomachs, it’s time to make the career move! This is a highly regarded and recommended work from home jobs for women. 

The responsibility of this role includes:

  • Meal plan for the week in advance and share the same with clients for approval.
  • Keep a tab on the specific allergies that have been mentioned by the clients and ensure that the food is cooked, keeping the same in mind.
  • Have the ability to work with non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan or other diet lifestyles
  • Have adequate knowledge of the nutritional value the cooked food has to offer

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Gigin is the platform that offers unlimited work from home jobs for women. All our job listings are real and from people who are looking for you! Whether you are planning to start a new career or coming back from a break, Gigin has the right opportunity waiting for you!

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