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Part time jobs

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Whether you are looking to add an additional source of income to enhance your financial stability. Part time jobs are a great way to ensure you are working as well as being able to manage a personal life with ease. But it is incredibly important to find the right part-time job to ensure you are getting paid well and are able to manage your time properly. This is where Gigin can help you! Gigin is India’s fastest-growing job platform that connects talent and employers for an easy and hassle-free hiring process!

Not that to start work from home part time jobs, having a strong internet connection and a system that can run applications smoothly. Find the top 11 WFH jobs in Delhi for part-timers.

WFH Jobs

The benefits of working from home:

  • Cut down on expenses involved in traveling
  • Have independence of working from wherever it’s convenient and comfortable for you
  • Improved communication as you will be mostly required to be on call or be communicating with the team through emails
  • More flexibility as you get to work from anywhere
  • You can work from anywhere for work renowned companies

5 Part Time Jobs for Students in Delhi 2022

1- Data Entry

Data entry is a booming field that is constantly on the lookout for individuals who can contribute to the industry. These jobs are available throughout Delhi and you can join them any time of the year. There are many corporations in Delhi that are on the lookout for individuals who can ensure data gets updated in their software/systems properly. The candidate will be required to feed data into the system as per the requirement. Being able to categorize data is a important skill to have. 

2- Typewriting

Do you enjoy typing and are interested in pursuing a career where you will be required to type a lot? Typewriting is a career to consider! The career demands the candidate to have fluency in writing efficiently without making many errors during the process. While having knowledge of typing in English is appreciated, being able to type in any other regional language is an added skill and can helo in bagging jobs at local firms. 

3- Content writing

In case you find reading and writing a passion, then consider turning this passion right into a career. You only need to recognize the kind of content in demand, understand basic to advance grammar rules and be capable of turning research outcomes into understandable forms of content very well. There are numerous agencies that are continuously looking for writers who have an innovative thought process and a sparkling perspective on everything. These content writers can help the organization meet its content demands efficiently. The position would require you to have an attitude and be capable of explaining difficult facts in simple and explainable shapes & forms.

4- Affiliate marketing

Nearly anyone can pursue this option as a career since it’s very less time-consuming and you can earn great returns over a long period of time. To become an affiliate marketer, you will be required to enroll in the affiliate marketing programs offered by various eCommerce websites. Whenever sales are made using your coupon code, you will earn a commission from the registered eCommerce platform. This is a great way to earn money as no investments are required. If you are someone with a great social media following, then having an affiliate marketing profile of your own will add to the charm! 

5- Blogging

Do you have in-depth knowledge and interest in a certain niche and know you can very well write on topics related to that specific niche? Then consider becoming a blogger! There are various platforms you can start blogging from and once your blog has significant traffic, you can apply to get display ads visible on your platform. This way you will earn while also pursuing a passion of your own!

Gigin – Find part time jobs near you in Delhi today! Download Gigin and get started right away!

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