10 Best Gigs that Pay More than Regular Jobs

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The gig economy has been booming ever since the pandemic. The need for a blue-collar and grey-collar workforce has significantly increased as people are looking for talent who can take up short-term jobs and deliver results quickly. If you are someone who unfortunately lost their jobs and are looking for opportunities that pay equal to or more than regular employment, these trending gigs are worth trying for!

10 Best Gigs that Pay More than Regular Jobs!

Deliver partner/manager: With a rise in work from home, delivery partners are becoming a popular gig, from getting groceries to delivering packages to your choice of destination. In many cases, these gigs are exempted from restrictions and can be carried without any hassles or breaks. As a delivery partner, you need to have a vehicle of your own (preferably a 2-wheeler). 

If you have a commercial driver’s license, you can consider working with logistics companies to deliver loads. Your vehicle and driver’s license must be registered as commercial to prevent legal actions from being taken against you. 

Homecook/chef jobs: Love cooking and feeding people? Being a cook is a career worth exploring! Many couples, bachelors, and even families were looking for expert and experienced cooks who could make delicious and healthy foods for them. If you can cook different types of cuisines, it will boost your employability. 

It is noteworthy that you can be required to cook for various food preferences. For example, you can be needed to cook meals without ingredients like garlic, onions, and even potatoes or even follow certain cooking regimes. Being open to learning new cooking techniques is vital and helpful for this role. 

Customer service representative: Companies are constantly looking for candidates with exceptional communication skills and language skills to help them connect more with customers. If you are good at making engaging conversations, enjoy helping others in need, and are looking to kickstart your career, a customer service representative job is worth trying. 

While knowing English is usually appreciated, learning regional languages is a plus. Note that knowing Enligh might not be compulsory as many companies these days want to offer a personalized experience, and your fluency can help organizations achieve that.

You will also be required to have basic computer skills to be able to record details and specifics from your calls. Knowing Microsoft Excel is an added advantage but not a critical skill to have. 

Organizer and mover (logistics): Loads are always moving, and the logistics industry is always looking for disciplined carriers who can work within the system to ensure safe and timely delivery. To be a mover, you will be required to have a commercial license and a vehicle that can be used for the successful transportation of loads. Many logistics companies offer training to their partners to ensure safe delivery and are able to use any delivery tracking system in place. 

Tutoring: Enjoy teaching? Have special talents in a subject? Home tutoring has been gaining popularity, considering many schools and institutions have opted for online classes. Many premier apps that are looking for teachers to explain subjects to students engagingly and interactively. 

Since you will be responsible for teaching specific subjects, you can be required to prepare assignments, prepare quizzes and homework assignments as well as check student responses.

Giving feedback to guardians and parents will be another responsibility you will have. This trending gig requires you to be accountable for student performance and devote personalized attention and time to individual students who might not be performing at their fullest potential.

Freelancing gigs: These days, many professionals are choosing freelancing as a career because of the flexibility, freedom, and financial benefits. Many platforms let freelancers find gigs for themselves at their own quotes. Gigin is one such platform that enables freelancers to find gig opportunities for absolutely free. 

You can start with the available posted gigs, speak directly with the employer, get work done and receive payment for it. Alternatively, you can post your gig offer by making a video resume! Gigin is the best place to find gigs that pay well!

Fitness trainer: Work from home being popular these days, many people enrol for gym memberships or consider getting a personal trainer to help them live a healthier lifestyle. It is required to have a personal trainer license adequate training in the type of service you are offering. You can also consider doing certification programs and courses like Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, etc. 

Content Writer:  With companies continuously embarking on an online journey, the need for skilled and talented writers is significantly growing. Content writers demand their skills in coming up with excellent content. There are different types of writers, depending on the type of industry you are looking to work in. Technical writers, medical writers, academic writers, and more! Added knowledge of SEO is appreciated.

Copywriters: Ever came across catchy and sales-focused advertisements and instantly felt a connection with the service or product? That’s the power of copywriting. Copywriting involves coming up with striking and engaging headlines that are focused on bringing leads for your clients. As a copywriter, you will also be accountable for creating social media strategy and helping the target brand create a phenomenal online presence!

Mechanic: If you are good at coming up with practical solutions to mechanical problems and enjoy fixing vehicle problems then being a mechanic is a great way to achieve that. You will need to have a degree or diploma in automotive repair and should be skilled to identify problems in the systems. You will also be required to know and be an expert in fields like welding, repairing punctures, know vehicle wiring configurations and be able to install systems as requested by the clients. 

You will also be responsible to identify risk areas and schedule the vehicle for the next round of maintenance. 

5 Quick Tips to Land a Gig Job!

Be it the first job or making a career switch, knowing these quick tips will help boost your chances of getting hired quicker!

  • Be specific with the type of job you are applying to 
  • Always read the job description to understand what will be expected from you
  • Keep upscaling your skills to be more relevant in the industry
  • Focus on delivering what your target audience is looking for in terms of services
  • Always make your charges clear and acknowledged before starting the gig

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