The 11 Trending Gigs for Recent Art Graduates

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Being an art student is fun, and with the growing horizon of job opportunities for art graduates, there is no end to work! But finding the right direction is important to find relevant gigs for art graduates. This blog explores all the potential gigs for art graduates you can apply to. 

Art is a creative field that is always looking for fresh ideas. There are many streams in the field of art and with an extensive range of university courses being offered in the realm, you can find suitable jobs for yourself with ease. Popular art courses in India are English (and other language courses), Fine Arts, Visual designing, Sociology, History, Political science, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Psychology.

Depending on the nature of the course completed and your interest, you can pursue a career related to your field or can even work in an industry of your choice.

This blog explores 11 trending gigs for art graduates in 2022

Teacher: If you are an art graduate in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, or any other language, teaching is a career worth pursuing. While you will be required to pursue a degree in bachelor’s education to be able to teach in schools, private tuitions are something you can take. This is a great part-time job for art graduates and doesn’t require many initial inputs. 

Additionally, if you want to experience today’s teaching industry, you can apply to various online teaching academics or join a coaching institute that offers to teach your area of interest; through this, you can sharpen your skills and learn what the industry is offering its students. 

Aside from languages, if you are a graduate in commerce (finance, accounts, or economics) or any other subject, you can consider teaching as a career as well.

Visual Designer: Creativity knows no bounds. As a visual designer, you will be responsible for creating compelling visual pieces, including creatives, videos, brochures, and more. This job is perfect for those who can put their imagination on the screen and can work with client briefings to generate visual content that meets expectations as stated by the client. 

The visual designer is also responsible for coming up with fresh design ideas that are engaging, and attention-grabbing. Furthermore, if interested, a visual artist can also take up UI/UX roles to design applications and websites that are highly interactive and functional.

Copywriter: Do you like coming up with sassy lines that are catchy and attention-grabbing? Are you always updated about what’s happening in the world of art, drama, comedy, sports, and more? Then copywriting is a career choice you should consider! 

Copywriting is all about convincing people to buy a product or service. Many digital marketing, news agency, and advertising companies look for people who are quick thinkers, have knowledge of pop culture, and can make references that connect instantly with the target audience. Note that a copywriter and a content writer are two different roles and must not be confused with one another.

Content Writer: Writing is not for everyone, but if you are someone who can think methodically and put your thoughts into a flow that is easy to understand, content writing can put an end to your gigs for art graduates search. 

A career in content writing requires the candidate to research ideas, perform competitive research using SEO tools and come up with creative content ideas that sail online high and bring in traffic to the platform where the write-ups are getting posted. 

Web content writer, technical writer, medical writer, and academic writer are just some of the specific niches that you can consider working in. 

Customer care executive: With a rise in industries catering to target audiences directly, customer service is a booming career. Many international and multinational companies are setting up special offices that are specialized in delivering these requirements by hiring candidates who can conduct a fluent and polite conversation with customers and help them through their queries. 

Knowing a certain set of languages might be important for some companies. Usually, training is provided before your direct interactions with clients take place. 

Journalist: With a degree in Mass Media Communication, you can consider getting a job in the field of journalism. Many publication houses look for candidates who can come up with fresh ideas for newspapers, magazines (e-magazines included), and website blog updates. 

Growth hacker: When we say hacker, we don’t mean someone who can invade systems but rather someone who can make the best out of market analytics. As a growth hacker, you will be responsible for optimizing campaigns to improve results and boost return on investments. 

You will also be responsible for making effective marketing decisions and implementing them for the growth of the brand.

Social media manager: Do you love using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or Moj? Are you always up to date with trends that keep coming? Then social media marketing is an ideal career option for you. The biggest benefit is you can also consider doing it as a part-time job for art graduates! 

As a social media manager, you will have to create an online presence for your clients through interactive and engaging posts, keep your target audience updated about what’s new and what’s happening, and how they can participate in giveaways on anniversaries or on reaching certain social media milestones!

Event Management: There will never be an end to events that happen during the year and this never-ending cycle of celebration calls for professional management to ensure a smooth and chaos-free experience for attendees. 

Having great communication skills, patience, and people management skills are crucial. There are many event management companies that are always on the lookout for candidates who are excited, motivated, and possess the skill to ensure the success of events! 

SEO Analyst: Search engine optimization is how websites are ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! The career requires you to constantly analyze performing target audiences and come up with strategies that help in growing the business. 

Keyword research, backlinking, article submission, and researching content ideas along with content writers are just a few of the things you will be responsible for.

Data Analyst: Like numbers and possess the ability to understand & sort data? Data Analyst is a great career opportunity for those who want to start a career in data. The role would require the candidate to sort information using software like Microsoft Excel. Knowing shortcut keys are important, and having Excel formulas at your fingertips will any day make your job easy and smooth!

Best Gigs for Art Graduates

There are a plethora of career options available for art graduates today. If you are taking time off from being a student and looking for well-paying part-time jobs for art graduates, this blog lists potential career options to look at!

Not sure where to start your job search from? Gigin is the way to go!

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