12 Work From Home Part-time Jobs that Do Not Require a Degree

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There are many industries that require staff from different educational backgrounds. But if you are yet to complete a degree or couldn’t complete one due to any reason, there are still opportunities you can explore to become financially independent. It is important to know that many of these jobs may require you to update your skills periodically by doing certificate courses and diplomas. There are many institutes that offer such vocational courses you can apply to. 

This blog explores 12 part-time jobs for 12th and 10th pass candidates you can start right away!

12 Work From Home Part-time Jobs that Do Not Require a Degree

Data entry operator: Data is everywhere and companies need people who can help in sorting, allocating, and simplifying this data. If you are good at being organized and can work with data efficiently, being a data entry operator will be a good career option. The role will require the candidate to have good computer skills, time management, and knowledge of Microsoft Excel. 

There are many courses that can help in excelling at this skill that can be started as early as 10th class. Having good typing speed is important as you can be required to complete multiple tasks a day. The payscale usually starts from INR 10,000 and can go up to INR 30,000 depending on the candidate’s experience.

Typing job: There are many companies that are looking for candidates who can successfully feed data into the system. While data entry jobs and typing jobs may seem similar, the job requirements are very different for both roles. A data entry job requires the candidate to simplify and organize data whereas a typing job can call for skills including shorthand typing. The main purpose will be to feed data into systems so that it can be utilized as and when required.

Transcriptionist: Thousands and hundreds of videos and audios are recorded and released every day. And these media releases require text document transcription of everything that is being said in the audio or video file. This job can be taken up in a wide range of languages. So if you can understand and accurately transcribe the content of such files, becoming a transcriptionist can be the perfect job for you! This is an ideal part-time jobs option as well as great for jobs for 12th pass, jobs for 10th pass.

Receptionist: Office front desks are always at the receiving end of guests and visitors. As a receptionist, the candidate is required to be always presentable, have patience with people and know how to manage a crowd. They are also responsible for maintaining records, scheduling appointments, and co-ordinate with assistants to ensure proper and smooth functioning of the organization. Computer skills are an added bonus. You will also be required to know either English or a local language. 

Virtual assistants: This is one of the most popular part-time jobs that has recently gained momentum. A virtual assistant is required to manage client schedules with utmost efficiency. The responsibilities include answering phone calls, conveying important messages, scheduling travel plans for your clients, and making sure they are aware of anything that needs their immediate attention.

App or website tester: Websites and application makers are constantly on the lookout for people who can thoroughly test the app or the website for faults, user interface, speed, and more parameters. The prices are variable and oftentimes you will be responsible for reporting any possible bugs that can be present. There is as such no specific education requirement but interest and basic knowledge of computers are important. There are various software testing courses available that you can take up and sharpen your skills not only in testing but also in identifying bugs.

Freelancer: Freelancing gigs is a fast-growing economy that is popular for offering jobs for 12th pass and jobs for 10th pass students, There are a variety of freelancing gigs available, and many startups and small businesses consider hiring freelancers for short or long term work engagements instead of working with agencies because hiring a freelancer is more affordable. You can opt to become a freelance photographer, freelance content writer, and even a freelance DJ! There’s no limit to opportunities you can unlock with freelancing!

Travel agent: The Indian culture is fascinating and vast. Every year people are going on vacations to enjoy the marvels of the country and travel agents can be a huge help for them! Being a travel agent, you will be required to know possible routes to destinations people might want to go to. Vacation planning is another important skill to have as many of your clients will depend on your skills to help plan their vacation. Relationship management is going to be another crucial skill to have as maintaining contact with hotels, resorts, and local travel partners. 

Delivery agent/partner: Delivery apps and companies are constantly expanding their outreach and they are always on the lookout for more delivery partners to join. If you have a vehicle and a valid license, this is a great part-time job to have. The biggest benefit is that you can log in and log out at your own will. There are a variety of businesses that you can pick from. There are food delivery jobs, logistics delivery jobs, and even on-demand delivery. There will be a minimum age requirement for this job profile.

Insurance agent: Insurance is a great way to protect one’s assets. With renowned agencies like LIC hiring agents to help spread awareness about insurance while encouraging more people to sign up, this is a good option for those who are looking for part-time jobs. You will be required to thoroughly know about every insurance policy, what it is for, the premium to be paid. tax benefits, how to claim, what is covered, and what is not covered. A sense of responsibility and keeping track of renewals for your clients will be important.

Customer service representatives: Do you like helping people who are looking for a solution? Are you able to explain things in simple terms and hold your patience even when under stress? Then starting a part-time job as a customer service representative is a career worth considering. You will be required to help people with their queries, inquiries, and complaints. It is worth knowing that things can get complicated and seem out of hand and you will be required to keep patience. Customer service representative jobs are a popular work-from-home job type.

Clerical jobs: These are contract-based part-time jobs and openings can be in government offices (admission process to be followed) or in private offices that are looking for backend staff. The range of responsibilities includes management and taking care of extensive paperwork, having excellent assistant and coordination skills, and knowledge of computers. The position will also require the candidate to be punctual with deadlines and deliver results on time. 

Download Gigin to Find Part-time Jobs of Your Choice!

There are ample part-time jobs in your industry of choice on Gigin. Starting a career early can boost the years of experience you add to your resume. Additionally, part-time jobs can help you in becoming more financially independent. There is never a limit to the type of jobs you can apply to as a 10th or 12th pass!

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