7 Internships Best Suited for Commerce Students in 2022

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After the 10th board, choosing the stream is one of the most important decisions students have to make as it is a stepping stone to their future careers. You take opinions from your friends, relatives, and teachers and then decide. And if you are someone who has chosen commerce as their preferred stream, the next step is to understand the career options available as a commerce student. You can go for BCom, BBA, or a CA or CS. But you need first to understand the type of career you want to pursue. And this decision can be made by enrolling in internships. While you might feel that internships are for college students, internships are equally important for students these days. This is because it gives them a clear picture of their interests and careers, and they are in a better position to decide on their career after graduation. Here, we discuss 7 commerce internships best suited for students in 2022.

7 commerce internships for students in 2022

  1. A social media marketing internship expects you to promote your organization and its administrations on different virtual entertainment stages. During this temporary position, you get to invest a great deal of energy to research and think of innovative ideas on social media to draw in your organization’s current and expected clients.
  1. An accounting internship is ideal for you assuming you love working with numbers. During this temporary position, your work liabilities incorporate planning and keeping up with monetary records, getting ready economic reports, and chipping away at fundamental accounting activities.
  1. When we talk about a vocation in marketing, the principal thing that strikes a chord is sales and marketing. As a sales and marketing assistant, your significant work liability is to persuade your targeted clients to try your organization’s items and services. To be a sales and marketing assistant, all you want is great relationship-building abilities that incorporate your verbal and written communication abilities, relational abilities, and negotiable abilities.
  1. Operations is another internship that you could do as a commerce student. An operations internship incorporates general administration work like processing management, ensuring that everything is going as arranged. Your obligations as an operations intern could go from overseeing fundamental elements of the organization like data entry and information management to managing groups.
  1. Clients can either make or break the brand’s image, and this is the very thing that makes customer service one of the most fundamental pieces of a business. Customer assistance incorporates directing your clients about your items and services, taking care of their inquiries, and addressing their complaints. As well as having great communication and writing abilities and relational abilities, persistence and sympathy are two key skills that you want to turn into a decent client service intern. 
  1. Content writing internships are one of a kind as they assist you with adding strong materials for your CV/Writer Profile simply through your day-to-day work. In this way, each review you work on can be joined close by your CV. A content writing internship extends to a bigger size of learning on-the-job opportunity, be it software (scientific tools, reporting tools, social media suites, CMS) to design (fundamental formats, GIF creation, interlinking) to composing for the online audience (in light of keywords, hyperlinks, and SEO). 
  1. One of the most significant (yet ignored) motivations to take on an internship is that it gives you openness to the things no one educates you about being a graphic designer. Internship experience assists you with getting through this hindrance by allowing you the opportunity to establish a positive connection with your coworkers. This can be highly useful later on. Internships can give cross-division work experience that even completely fledged designers probably won’t have. This openness to different aspects of an organization will assist you with having a more comprehensive understanding of how your work adds to the general objectives of the association.


These commerce internships for students with commerce streams are beneficial and give you much-needed exposure. In addition, these internships can help you understand your interests and let you decide the ideal career path for you in the future. To find the right internship for you, you can get help from gigin and apply. 

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