5 Best Part Time Tech Jobs in Mumbai

Part Time Tech Jobs in Mumbai

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Mumbai is constantly growing and with more industries setting up their workstation in Mumbai, there has been a significant rise in part time tech jobs in Mumbai. These jobs are available for college students as well as people who want to change their careers or just want to start working after a break. Tech in India is a popular career choice and the industry has lots to offer. 

While there’s a common misconception that to enter the tech industry knowledge of coding is important. But there are many jobs available that do not require the candidate to know to code. These jobs are usually administration related and some roles can require the candidate to conduct fruitful interactions with the organization’s consumer base. Having communication skills is incredibly important as you will be speaking with the client base directly. Knowledge of documentation systems and other management tools is important. If you are a candidate interested in coding-related jobs, then constantly learning new coding languages will be an important thing. Find other WFH Jobs in Mumbai.

This blog explores the top 5 part time tech jobs in Mumbai that you can take up and excel in your career!

Top 5 Part Time Tech Jobs in Mumbai

1) Web Developer

Websites and landing pages are an important part of today’s growing industries that are making a footprint online. Web developers are responsible for creating websites and landing pages that are highly functional and as per the business requirements. 

It is important to note that knowing coding is a mandatory requirement as the candidate will be working with a multitude of platforms that offer incredible customization options just by using a code. Knowing to how use CRM tools will help in ensuring you are able to integrate without any hassles. 

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2) Software Developer

Software systems are being developed every day to solve problems that people face on a regular basis. From applications that tell people when to drink water to software that tracks how much the employees are working on an everyday basis. 

Being a software developer is a great way today to explore your ability to think practically of a problem and come up with a solution that is up to date with current technology and is able to solve the problem at hand with utmost efficiency. Knowledge of programming languages is a must. 

Know that being a software developer also involves finding bugs and errors in the software and fixing them to ensure a smooth customer experience with the software.

3) Technical Content Writer

Being a technical writer is a job of utmost responsibility as the candidate will be required to write highly informative and up-to-date articles that ensure the target audience is getting high-quality content pieces. Knowledge of SEO is a big benefit as the content pieces being churned out will have leverage for organic ranking purposes. The content writing industry is rapidly growing and people with fresh perspectives are always in demand. At times, depending on the organization you are working for, there are chances you will be required to test software in order to write reviews from first-hand experience.

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4) Software Tester

Do you enjoy testing software and finding potential bugs and loopholes in them? Then consider software testing as a career! As a software tester, the candidate will be required to test the software thoroughly and report the issues that were faced by you during the testing process. The candidate will also be responsible for recommending any possible fixes or features that you think can improve the application/software’s functioning.

5) System Analyst

System analysts are responsible for ensuring that systems are in proper functioning conditions and are not in any kind of security bypass position. They are responsible for protecting the systems against any cyber-attacks and ensuring that all the systems are in working conditions. 


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