5 Best Part Time Tech Jobs in Hyderabad

part-time tech jobs in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is emerging to be amongst the top cities many youngsters want to start working in, be it their first job or even starting a new career, part time tech jobs in Hyderabad offer endless opportunities. But as opposed to what many think, having fluency in programming languages is not often necessary. There are many positions in tech that you can take up. 

Working in tech is a dream for many engineering graduates and while it can get difficult to decide where to start, it is always best to find entry-level positions, to begin with. Alternatively, to understand where your interest lies, consider apprentice and internship opportunities where you can closely work with the industry professionals and closely see how the overall working requirements are.

The apprenticeship or internship opportunities in the tech industry are a great way to understand if the industry is offering your expectations or not. Based on this, you can start with a part time tech jobs in Hyderabad and then proceed to full-time roles. 

This blog explores the top 5 best part time tech jobs in Hyderabad that anyone can get started with in 2022. 

5 Best Part Time Tech Jobs in Hyderabad

1) Data Analyst

As a data analyst, the candidate will be required to collect information and data in order to find useful insights that can be used to provide a better range of services and products to the target audience. The analyst should also be able to collect & understand surveys, metrics, and any other information format. 

The collected data then must be presented in a user-friendly format that can help in improving user engagement. Identifying improvements in metrics is to be analyzed by the candidate to come up with recommendations that help in improvising the overall results. 

2) Digital Analyst

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field. As a digital analyst, the candidate will be required to collect, thoroughly analyze and identify digital marketing trends. The candidate will be required to create by identifying important performance metrics while also paying close attention to providing tactful solutions. 

3) Paid Marketing Analyst

Is responsible for performing A/B testing, recording customer feedback, and conducting thorough research to come up with digital marketing strategies to boost the ROI of the organization. They are also responsible for running online campaigns to garner high-paying clients from all target social media platforms. From designing sales funnel to ensuring the customer journey is mapped to boost sales, a paid marketing analyst is responsible for everything! 

4) Social Media Strategist

With the advent of social media, more brands are becoming conscious about how they are making themselves present online. Amidst all this, being able to find a voice for yourself online has become crucial for brands and this is where a social media strategist can help! A social media strategist is responsible for managing social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any other target platforms. 

Every platform has its own purpose and having specialization in handling marketing on that platform is crucial in unlocking success online. The candidate taking up this role should have creativity, writing skills, analytical skills, and a perspective to communicate. 

5) Web Developer

Websites and landing pages are a significant piece of the currently developing businesses that are making an impression on the web. Web developers are responsible for making websites and landing pages that are profoundly impactful and in sync with the business requirements.

It is critical to take note of the fact that coding is an integral part of businesses as the competitor will be working with many stages that offer excellent customization choices by simply utilizing a code. Knowing how to use CRM devices will help guarantee you can coordinate with no issues.

Looking for part time tech jobs in Hyderabad? Download Gigin now and find the best jobs for you! 

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