5 Best Part Time Tech Jobs in Kolkata

part-time tech jobs in Kolkata

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Kolkata, or the City of Joy is a fast-growing city for organizations to set up their offices. The city has a population of 1.49 crores and there are a plethora of job opportunities in the city for those looking for part time tech jobs in Kolkata.

Why work in Kolkata?

Kolkata has extremely amazing connectivity and the urban part of the city is connected well through metro trains, roads, and railways. The cost of transportation is incredibly affordable and you can get passes for railways and metros that will last a month. These cards are best if you will be traveling a certain routine every day. The overall price to be paid with a monthly train/metro card decreases otherwise expenditure of traveling significantly.

The connectivity of north Kolkata and south Kolkata. There are many organizations situated in the nearby locality that you can apply to in order to find the best jobs for you. Working while in college is a trend in Kolkata and for the same reason, many companies roll out internship opportunities that allow a candidate to explore part time tech jobs in Kolkata. 

The pay scale is usually high and with the city being incredibly affordable, you can lead a comfortable life while working. 

This blog explores 5 part time tech jobs in Kolkata that you can look for! 

5 Best Part time tech jobs in Kolkata

  1. Digital analyst: With the growth in digital marketing as a career option, digital analysis has become an important part of the profession. The digital analyst will be responsible for carefully conducting competitor research, analyzing the data available, and being in sync with the recent developments in trends n digital marketing. 

There are many agencies that look for digital analysts in Kolkata and you can start this career as a fresher or as someone with ample experience in the industry of digital marketing. 

2. Data analyst: With the growth in the number of organizations that are dealing with data, management, proper organization, and allocation of data to frameworks has become incredibly important. The data analyst is responsible for arranging the data in easy to understand and simple to retrieve frameworks.

They are also responsible for feeding data into organization systems so that all the records are in one place when the time comes for cross reference. Knowledge of computer systems and software systems will be highly helpful in getting work done efficiently. 

3. Social media strategist: Social media has become very popular in recent times for all the right marketing reasons. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more. These platforms require specialized strategies that ensure your brand is able to surface at the top where the ideal customer is spending most of their time. 

There are various reasons a brand would want to be online and attract leads that end up converting to high paying clients. 

4. Social media marketer: Online presence also ensures you have a presence on multiple platforms to establish credibility. It is important to note that knowledge of how social media platforms work and keep in sync with all the algorithm changes. 

The social media marketer would also be required to work on planning and executing organic as well as paid campaigns. Understanding analytics and metrics can be a helpful skill as well. 

5. Web developer: Web development is a highly in demand career that is rewarding and requires the candidate to be fluent in programming languages and have a sense of design to be able to create highly engaging websites and landing pages. This is a very popular career choice for those who want to explore their ability to solve problems using coding skills!

Looking for part time tech jobs in Kolkata? Download Gigin now and find the best jobs for you! 

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