5 Best Part-Time Tech Jobs in Pune

part-time tech jobs in Pune

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Pune is one of the most happening and buzzing cities in India and naturally, it has become a hub for various part-time tech jobs in Pune to set up their offices for people to work. With a thriving number of people in the city seeking tech jobs at Pune’s finest companies, it is easy to see why there are a large number of job openings, including part-time. Indeed! Pune is one of the leading places to opt for part-time tech jobs in Pune. 

Why is Pune so coveted for Part-Time Tech Jobs?

Pune is reputed for its urban lifestyle, a plethora of opportunities, excellent connectivity throughout the city, and a well-crafted distribution of amenities. The availability and charges of accommodation and travel are very easy for anyone, being organized enough to not pose any hassles for people working in Pune. It is overall a pretty safe city and moving around the city is simple with ample presence of buses, autorickshaws, cabs, and taxis. So if you need to commute within the city to your office, residence, or different parts of the city, then Pune is a breeze.

There are a good number of tech companies that are situated within and on the outskirts of Pune. Whether you’re a working employee or a student looking for a temporary gig, the opportunities for a part-time job offer are rife in the many tech companies in Pune. 

It is also worth noting that the pay grade is generally good  in Pune and the fact that the place is more or less affordable, it is possible 

The pay scale is usually high and with the city being incredibly affordable, you can lead a high-quality life by working a part-time job or two. 

With that being said, this write-up will showcase five excellent part-time tech jobs in Pune that would open a window of opportunities for you! Let’s begin!

Here are the five best part-time jobs in Pune:

  1. Social media expert: Social media has become exceptionally well known as of late for all the right marketing reasons. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. These platforms require specific methodologies that guarantee your image can surface at the top where the ideal client is investing the greater part of their energy.

There are different reasons a brand would need to be on the web and draw in drives that wind up changing over completely to lucrative clients. 

2. Social media advertising professional: Online presence likewise guarantees you have a presence on various platforms to lay out validity. It is vital to take note of that information on how social media platforms work and keep in a state of harmony with all the calculation changes.

The social media advertiser would likewise be expected to chip away at arranging and executing natural as well as paid crusades. Understanding analytics and measurements can be useful expertise too. 

3. Digital marketing professional: With the various advancements in digital marketing as a career choice, digital analysis has turned into a significant piece of the calling. The digital examiner will be liable for cautiously directing contender research, dissecting the information accessible, and being in a state of harmony with the new improvements in patterns in digital marketing. There are many offices that search for digital experts in Pune and you can begin this career as a fresher or as somebody with adequate involvement in the realm of digital marketing. 

4. Web developer: Web development is an exceptionally popular career that is fulfilling and requires the contender to be familiar with programming dialects and have a feeling of a plan to have the option to make profoundly captivating sites and presentation pages. This is an exceptionally well-known career decision for individuals who need to investigate their capacity to tackle issues utilizing coding abilities!

5. Data analyst: With the development in the number of associations that are managing data, the board, appropriate association, and allotment of data to structures have become extraordinarily significant. The data examiner is answerable for orchestrating the data in straightforward and easy-to-recover systems.

They are additionally liable for taking care of data into association systems with the goal that every one of the records is in one spot when the opportunity arrives for cross-reference. Information on PC systems and programming systems will be profoundly useful in finishing work effectively.

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