Top 10 full-time jobs in Allahabad

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Are you someone who is looking for a full-time job in Allahabad? Visit Gigin today to apply for a full-time job in Allahabad. Below is the list of some top full-time job in Allahabad-

1. Ground staff airport

Ground crew, often known as ground workers, operate in the aviation business in a variety of tasks at airports. Ground personnel provides passenger safety and comfort by checking in luggage, offering information, aiding handicapped passengers, verifying bookings, and selling tickets.

2. Machine operator

Machine operators are responsible for all machine-specific duties such as equipment configuration, loading, and operating machines, and improving machine capabilities. They must verify that the machine is operating at maximum capacity, supervise its maintenance, and conduct timely quality inspections.   

3. Computer operator

A computer operator’s responsibilities may include: monitoring and controlling an electronic computer and peripheral electronic data processing equipment to process business, scientific, engineering, and other data in accordance with operating instructions. Keep an eye out for and respond to operational and error messages.

4. Customer care executive

Managing a team of people that provide customer service. Supervising the customer service process. Resolving client problems brought to your attention. Developing policies and procedures. Planning the training and standardization of service delivery.

5. Salesperson 

Managing a staff of customer service personnel. In charge of overseeing the customer service process. Resolving customer issues that have been brought to your notice. Policy and process creation. Training and standardization of service delivery are being planned.

6. Mess Staff 

The mess committee is responsible for overseeing the smooth and timely functioning of the mess as well as verifying the quality of food supplied in a mess. The mess committee is responsible for ensuring that the menu presented by the mess management is rigorously adhered to, and any deviation must be approved by the mess convener.

7. Graphics Designer

The job description for a Graphic Designer involves the full process of identifying requirements, envisioning, and generating visuals such as drawings, logos, layouts, and pictures. You’ll be in charge of the visual components of websites, publications, magazines, product packaging, exhibits, and other projects.

8. Reporting Incharge

In general, they do clerical work. Preparing progress reports and presentations, updating databases, keeping correct records and paperwork, managing schedules, and completing daily inspections are all part of the job. He/she ensures that legislation and corporate policies are followed. 

9. Relationship Incharge

Relationship managers cultivate close bonds with customers and corporate clients. They look for new business prospects, advise clients on product/service solutions that fit their requirements, and address any difficulties or complaints.

10. Test automation architect

The Test Automation Architect will be completely responsible for creating test automation solutions, building automation frameworks, and leading the implementation of the product’s test strategy, test plans, and test execution. Supports the creation of automation scripts as well as their optimization.

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