Working From Home: The Boon for Women returning to work

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At present part-time jobs and freelancing careers are suddenly more reachable. Where lack of remote or work from home jobs and fixed working hours are among the factors that kept most women away from the job market before COVID-19.

Yet, with the pandemic bumping, even a portion of the generally moderate companies to think about work from home jobs, will India see more women joining the workforce? Leading corporates, staffing solution organizations and gender diversity advocates reply with a resonating “Yes”. 

Women have an incredible shot at making a comeback, as many women are talented and can perform various tasks; however, they are idle for personal reasons. Therefore, the present time will allow them to begin work from home and look for part-time jobs.

Inclusive workforce

Salesforce, the cloud-based CRM giant with over 2,000 employees in India, said it is committed to bringing more women back to work for strengthening its inclusive culture.

As an ever-increasing number of organizations are permitting employees to work from home for all time, it has made good conditions and opened numerous chances for women to restart their profession while obliging their responsibilities.

In India, women were not effectively considered for night shift jobs referring to safety concerns. But, be that as it may, overnight, all such reasons have been removed, and presently they are qualified for a versatile range of jobs. Moreover, more extensive uber patterns are coming up because of Covid, and it is predicted that an ever-increasing number of women are presently going to get employment.

Can work from home assist companies with crossing over the gender gap? Women don’t resign from work simply because they are not permitted to go to the workplace. It’s because there is a timeframe in their life where there is a social, physiological and individual requirement for them to think twice about. That is the reason work from home jobs is moving to the next level. There is a society and organizational structure to help individuals who are working from home. 

Take note that women’s workforce participation has gone down from around 35% to 25% over the most recent two years. And at present, it would undoubtedly go up; also, the divergence in wages itself would be one of the vital drivers for more noteworthy women investment in the workforce.

Wage Factor

Salaries of women are more than 20% less than men, which is a disadvantage to the women, however a cost-benefit to the industry. Therefore, organizations and business visionaries attempted to reduce expenses and utilize various strategies to make this work.

Organizations may move towards flexible hours or outcome-based work, which will open up more positions for women since employers need not follow the lowest pay permitted by law standards for such jobs. 

Industry specialists also accept that work from home jobs has opened up a tremendous open door for women to make a second profession. 

It is believed companies’ inclination towards women searching profession briefly with more prominent adaptability has broken now. They have understood that women, especially those needing a subsequent career, will want to take care of their responsibilities from home now onwards.

The post-Covid circumstance opens more opportunities for women. So companies will need to proceed to drive and take new drives to draw in and utilize more women other than drawing women searching profession briefly. We will select them with the choice of remote working or work from home.

Last March 2020, a more significant part of professionals worldwide realized what a few gig workers, freelancers, and part-time workers knew – that work is a thing you do, not a place you go to. As many nations reeled under lockdowns and social distancing rules, work from home jobs became acceptable. Also, it additionally turned into a lifesaver that guaranteed business coherence and permitted industries to work at close to normal levels. 

Perhaps the most significant recipient of this mindset shift will probably be professional women, including the individuals who may have quit the workforce because of different personal reasons. Work from home allows women the adaptability to effectively balance work with respective responsibilities and hobbies.

Legitimizing Work from Home

The idea of work from home jobs is not new. With the adaptation of cloud computing, VPN, 4G, and so forth becoming customary, the technology that allows a few employees to work from any place has existed for quite a long time. However, most companies saw work from home jobs with doubt. It was viewed as an advantage that could be availed occasionally to allow flexibility. Moreover, the well-known perception was that main non-serious work should be possible while work from home employees don’t take work from home with equal seriousness. Because of this mentality, most work from home jobs comprised low-worth, non-critical positions with few growth possibilities.

Often, this put women in a problematic situation. Indeed, even competent expert women equipped for challenging work were constrained into dead-end jobs or compelled to quit the role. All because they failed to be physically present in the workplace. 

Standard practices in India have regularly directed women to be essentially responsible for focusing on kids and elders. They are likewise expected to follow their spouses to new cities or smaller towns for career opportunities. This implied that a massive number of qualified women had to quit their professions. 

The Covid-19 pandemic changes all that. With everybody, starting from the organization CEO, being compelled to work from home, work from home jobs at long last acquired the authenticity that it had come up short on all as the years progressed. Organizations and workers currently understand that working from home isn’t just possible; however, it can likewise expand productivity in a few cases.

Social and Cultural Evolution

For women to genuinely benefit from work from home jobs, it should be accompanied by the advancement of social standards. Thus, while the adaptability managed by the work from home job model is positively essential, it should not bring about women getting worn out while attempting to do everything, i.e., assuming complete responsibility of the home and the professional fronts. Subsequently, a social development that decreases the psychological weight on women as the essential manager of the family needs to take place. 

Simultaneously, women who are quick to get back to the workforce should seek opportunities to strengthen their biodatas through upskilling and reskill themselves to such an extent that they are lined up with industry necessities.

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