The Top 23 Part-Time Content Writing Jobs in Bangalore Right Now!

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Are you looking for content writing jobs in Bangalore? If yes, you are in the right place!

Content writing has become a mainstream career choice for countless individuals all over India. It calls for creativity, knowledge of the English language, a strong grasp of grammar, and a way to express oneself through words. Whether it’s for websites, blogs, magazines, newsletters, or advertisements, content writers are in high demand every single day. 

It is worth noting that content writing is a broad area that’s extremely versatile. So naturally, there is a wide range of content writing jobs in Bangalore, one of the most buzzing cities in India. 

Content writing is a well-paying job with freshers typically taking up freelancing and junior writing roles, and both the pay scale and job roles get more prominent with experience. As such, this write-up will show you the 23 best part-time content writing jobs in Bangalore right now. You should know that, unlike most other professional areas, part-time jobs are of utmost importance and prestige in content writing. 

Once again, it is worth mentioning that content is a very diverse field and one can explore a wide range of roles when searching for part-time content writing jobs in Bangalore. 

So with that being said, let’s find out the 23 best part-time content writing jobs in Bangalore! All the best for finding a rewarding and exciting career path through content writing!

Here are the 23 best part-time content writing jobs in Bangalore that you can easily apply for at the Gigin app!

  1. Web Content Writer

A web content writer exclusively writes content for the websites of different businesses and organizations. They gain a thorough understanding of the business owner’s needs and goals and accordingly churn out content that can get organic traffic from the internet towards the website in question. 

  1. SEO Content Writer

An SEO company content writer strives to write content that strictly adheres to SEO guidelines and keywords in order to gain more organic traffic, provide backlinks to various pages, and improve the domain ranking of a website. This is achieved through web pages, blogs, keyword pages, service pages, and pillar content pieces. 

  1. Social Media Content Writer

A social media content writer is well-acquainted with every social media platform and is responsible for creating a social media calendar for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn and Quora. 

  1. Copywriter

While a traditional content writer works towards bringing more traffic and leads to a source (website), a copywriter is responsible for writing highly interactive and sales-oriented copies that are intended to convert leads into customers. Their copies are intended to drive more sales and revenue by leading the user towards a desired action. As such, a copywriter is responsible for making a lead click on the CTA (Call To Action) button. 

  1. Paid Ads Copywriter 

A Paid Ads Copywriter exclusively works with the paid ads team to create Facebook and Google ad copies, video scripts for YouTube, and landing pages. 

  1. Email Copywriter

An email copywriter, as the term suggests, is responsible for writing email copies that are directed towards a prospective lead. The emails are meant to convert the prospect into a customer. 

  1. eCommerce Content Writer

Online shopping is at an all-time high and eCommerce businesses are on the lookout for content writers who can write engaging and descriptive content for their products, payment gateways, and various dialog boxes. 

  1. Review Writer

Do you have an eye for detail and are good at reviewing products? Then this job is for you! Write in-depth reviews of products on Amazon or sold by various businesses online. 

  1. Food Blogger

Are you a foodie? Love to share your views on food? Become a food blogger and share recipes, and reviews on restaurants, and write on the food scenarios of various places! 

  1. Travel blogger

Help your fellow travel enthusiasts plan their trips better by writing about the best that a place has to offer. Be it a bustling city or the remoteness of a quiet rural area outside the city, be the go-to person on the internet through your travel blogs. 

  1. Medical writer

Health blogs are some of the most useful write-ups on the internet, that cover reliable information on medical areas, health supplements, treatments for diseases, and tips for a better quality of life.

  1. Technical writer

Technical writers are hired by technology firms who look for content writers to cover their services and products in depth. 

  1. Fitness writer 

Help people reach their fitness goals, and embrace good health and wellness through your blogs that cover the nuances of exercising, practicing yoga and meditation, and pursuing a high quality of life. 

  1. Sports writer

India loves its sports and your blogs can be the destination for the most happening events and relevant tidbits about players in football, cricket, table tennis, tennis, kabaddi, boxing, wrestling, etc. 

  1. eSports writer

Loge online games such as Fortnite, Clash of Titans, Pokémon Go, etc? Why not write about them by becoming an eSports writer?!

  1. SOP and Resume writer

Countless Indian students apply for universities abroad and are in desperate need for SOPs and resume upgrades. Help them out by being the best SOP and Resume writer in the market!

  1. Fintech writer

Are you keeping yourself abreast of the latest developments in cryptocurrency, financial technologies, and payment applications? Then you should absolutely consider becoming a fintech writer!

  1. Creative Writer

Looking to exercise your flair for creativity? Are you able to write beautiful poems and short stories naturally? Then creative writing is the place to be. 

  1. Editor

You can finally be the grammar nazi you always wanted to be by becoming an editor. Proofread documents, make relevant edits, and give approvals to content. Sounds fun, right? It is! 

  1. Legal Writer

One of the most challenging but enthralling job opportunities in this list, becoming a legal writer is a job of high responsibility. You will be responsible for writing legal documents and finalizing them. What an honor (pun intended)!

  1. Video Script Writer

Write interactive scripts for videos on YouTube or social media. You can even go in to write scripts for celebrities who are endorsing various products on national television!

  1. Ghost Writer

Websites often require articles to be written for the website without naming the author. This is done to increase web traffic and/or provide backlinks to other resources on the website. Don’t worry about not getting credit for your content as you will be paid well for it!

  1. Report Writing

Write interesting reports on people, events, and the latest buzz out there, and have countless people read your content on the internet or in a magazine! This is a very rewarding career.

These jobs are available in full-time, part-time, and contract roles. We also have a wide range of job opportunities if you are looking for freelancing gigs. With Gigin, find jobs that give you accelerate your career!

FAQs About Writing Jobs in Bangalore

1. What are the opportunities for writing jobs in Bangalore? 

Writing jobs in Bangalore encompass various roles, including:

  • Content Writing: Creating web content, articles, and blogs for websites and digital platforms.
  • Technical Writing: Drafting technical documents, manuals, and guides for IT and engineering companies.
  • Copywriting: Crafting persuasive and engaging copy for marketing and advertising purposes.

2. Where can I find legitimate writing job openings in Bangalore? 

To discover legitimate writing job openings in Bangalore, consider these strategies:

  • Online Job Portals: Websites like Gigin.Ai, & LinkedIn feature many writing job listings.
  • Company Websites: Visit the official websites of companies and agencies, as they often post job vacancies in the careers section.
  • Freelancing Platforms: Gigin offer freelance writing gigs, which can lead to long-term opportunities.

3. What skills are essential for success in writing roles in Bangalore? 

Success in writing jobs in Bangalore requires specific skills, including:

  • Exceptional Writing Skills: Proficiency in grammar, spelling, and writing style is paramount.
  • Research Abilities: Conducting thorough research to create accurate and informative content.
  • Adaptability: Being able to write for different audiences and industries, from technical to creative.

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