Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Engineering Graduates from Core Branches

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Every year, nearly fifteen lakh students pass out as engineering graduates in India. Not everyone is skilled enough to land a six-figure salary package. While some students want a good government job, some want to set up their own businesses. Leaving behind such cases, no student wants to be unemployed. 

In such cases, part-time jobs are a good option. These jobs for engineering graduates offer both financial support as well as a learning experience. 

Many students are unaware of such opportunities. Thus, in this blog, we shall be sharing some hot part-time jobs for engineering students. 

Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Engineering Graduates 

  • Online Coaching: E-learning is already at its peak. Its requirements grew tremendously in the COVID period. However, you can take this part-time job to share your knowledge. It is one of the easiest jobs in today’s time. The skills required for this job are presentation, communication, and clarity of speech. It can also be one of the best jobs for engineering students, provided they are comfortable in online teaching. Regarding the subject, it depends on the choice of the teacher. The duties in this job are teaching and assigning tasks. Many online teaching platforms are already teaching millions of students. You can also join them or start your own platform. 
  • Data Entry: Data entry jobs include typical jobs like form filling, surveys, and questionnaires. It is an opportunity where students can learn about research. They can also team up to take some initiatives. It is a good job opportunity for students interested in these time-taking jobs. Mostly, they are target-based jobs. However, there are chances of earning a good amount. Many small companies and MNCs offer such employment services. 
  • Blogging: Although blogging is one of the most common hobbies, making a living with it is not easy. It may take a long time to develop a reader base and have views. You might need the knowledge of a niche and some strategies to succeed. Besides, some patience is required. It is one of the best sources of passive income for many people. 
  • Virtual Assistant: Many people find it comfortable to offer administration services. They offer these services from remote locations, mostly through home offices. Their tasks include- scheduling appointments, making phone calls, email, and backend support. These opportunities can also be good choices for jobs for engineering students. 
  • Social Media Marketing: With every single person on social media, marketing has become easy. It is a new job opportunity for the social media enthusiasts. It can be one of the jobs for engineering students. The domain of this job can be vast. Either an organization would work on a specific social media platform or all the modern platforms. There is no requirement for specific skills until you are working on a large scale. The basic strategies are enough to work. These examples are affiliate marketing and others. This field also has a scope of wide learning and high earning. Many organisations offer these services and earn good enough to make a living. 
  • Photo and Video Editing: It is time to put your photo and video editing skills to work. Now, students can edit their photos and videos professionally. Some organisations that are into modelling and similar jobs, hire such students. Once you gain proficiency, you can work full time. Isn’t it one of the best jobs for engineering students? This job is never going to be obsolete. It will always have a scope for improvement due to technological advancement. It is also a must to have knowledge of tools and applications. 
  • Research: Research is an integral part of any business or entrepreneurial setup. You can work for one if you have the research skills. At least, giving it a try can be very interesting. This job is never going to be old. It is at the core of development. Since engineering students are exposed to practical experience throughout graduation, they can do it easily. This is one of the closest jobs for engineering students. There are many tools that help in conducting advanced research and thesis completion. 
  • Youtube Channels: Today, almost every age group is a YouTube audience. It makes the sharing of content easy. Be it information, entertainment, knowledge, or anything else, digital media makes it easy. It takes time to grow an audience and get views. However, the best part is that it requires zero investment, although it depends on your niche. For example, gaming, music, dance, cooking, and beauty tutorials are the main niches. It is one of the fastest growing methods to gain popularity and success in a short time. 
  • Graphic designing:  Content is king in today’s digital world. As a graphic designer, you would have to design logos, magazine covers, layouts, and photos. It is an emerging field of content management and sharing. It is important to have knowledge of Photoshop and similar tools. You can also learn these skills online. Once you master the skills, you will earn a good amount. The pay in this job depends on your skills and knowledge. However, it increases with an increase in experience. 
  • Website Designing: A website is essential in today’s world. It is required to operate an online as well as an offline business. Today, there are a lot of requirements for websites. Every store, school, bank, business, and even an individual needs a website. The skills required for this job are coding and web designing. Also, the knowledge of modern languages is necessary.  The IT industry is changing without any trace. Not only these jobs for engineering graduates introduce one to the digital world but also give good chances of earning. 

Find more than just jobs for engineering graduates 

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