The Top 11 WFH Jobs in Delhi for Part-Timers

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There has been a hike of 87 % in work-from-home jobs in India. This number is constantly increasing, be it due to the COVID pandemic or any other reason. The ease of remote work that brings income is an excellent choice. 

A versatile range of work-from-home jobs is available for students, homemakers, and anyone else. Not only do they impart financial freedom, but they also bring income home. Thus, this blog has some good-to-go options for wfh jobs in Delhi.

Social media has contributed to the rapid expansion and widespread job searches. Although a fresher may also apply to these jobs, experience is a good add-on. Dig deeper to find suitable part-time job opportunities in this blog. 

Why go for WFH jobs in Delhi? 

“Work from home,” as the term seems, refers to the ease of working remotely. This is due to several advantages as compared to work-from-office jobs. The wfh jobs in Delhi have a series of reasons for being preferred. It can be best explained through these points:

  • Work-life balance: Working from home provides a better work-life balance, provided the schedule is followed up. Since traveling is cut off, costs and stress are reduced.
  • Increase in productivity: As per the reports for 2020, there has been an increase in productivity. The surprising rise in productivity was recorded during April and May. 
  • Punctuality: The absence of commute, traffic, and rush makes it easy to be on time. This punctuality goes missing in the case of work-from-office jobs. 
  • Flexibility: “Work from home” is not confined to the home. Rather, it can be any place one feels like a home. Even a cafe or any other location is a perfect destination. 

The list of advantages does not end here. There are many other points in favor of the wfh jobs in Delhi.  


The Top 11 WFH jobs in Delhi for Part-Timers

With the introduction and advantages of work-from-home jobs, or specifically, wfh jobs in Delhi, here are some job options. 

  1. Content writing: Content writing is the core of digital marketing. There are various types of content niches. One needs to know his or her niche and gather research and SEO  skills. There is a special skill set for being a content writer. If one can be precise and represent the message, welcome to content writing. Certain guidelines need to be followed for efficient content writing. There are many courses and programs for efficient content writing. Due to its nature, this is one of the best options for wfh jobs in Delhi. 
  1. Data entry: Data entry jobs are very common as Data entry jobs in Delhi. They involve entering customer data and other information within a fixed time. It also involves accuracy, compiling, and sorting out any errors. This also involves the correction of errors after the review of entered data. 
  1. Blogging: Blogging is the hobby of sharing one’s thoughts in a large space. It can be taken up as a hobby. However, with time, it emerged as a method for marketing at the organizational level. Almost every company website has a page for blogs. It has also become a source of passive income. Although the earning is not fast, it happens with time. 
  1. Typewriting: This is the traditional job of transferring the details from hardcopy and softcopy. Simply, it involves transferring data from paper to digital format and databases. It is also about transcribing documents from audio tapes, taking notes, and creating detailed texts. 
  1. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a term that describes the refer and earn types of jobs. In these jobs, one must refer to a product on social media or a network. This is a commission-based job. This is also a source of passive income. There may or may not be immediate results. However, with time, chances of a good pay increase. 
  1. Web development: The job description of a web developer involves website designing and construction. They also look after the loading issues of a website. Managing the website interface, user-experience, and access points is also a job of web designers. Since the expertise grows with work experience, it leads to a hike in pay. One should ensure all the requirements are fulfilled. 
  1. Business Developer: The job of business developers is to accelerate the financial growth of an organization. They coordinate with the sales department and bring in sales. This job may also include cold calling to have interaction with the customers and clients. Mostly, an experienced person is preferred to a fresher in this case. 
  1. Translator: This job involves the conversion of text and audio from one language to another. Multilingual skills are required for this job. This may be for a client based in a foreign country or the same country. However, the pay in this job varies with work experience and skills.  For domestic locations, knowledge of internal languages is necessary. 
  1. Graphic designer: The designing of logos, posters, banners, and attractive visuals for advertising, organizations, and businesses is done in this job. Every organization needs a skilled graphic designer to coordinate visual content marketing campaigns. Either part-time or full-time, high experience leads to higher pay. 
  1. Digital marketer: Every organization needs a digital marketing manager. As a digital marketer, one’s job is to promote a brand online. They have to undertake the responsibility of a brand’s online presence. The skills required for this job are digital understanding, social media marketing, communication, and presentation. Social media has a big role to play here. This can be a high-paid job once some work experience is gained. 
  1. HR Recruiter: Their job is to conduct an online search, source the candidate, and conduct background research and recruitment. CV screening, effective communication skills, and others are required for this job. Sometimes, it also includes tasks like making phone calls and scheduling interviews.  

Whether a recent graduate or an experienced professional, we at Gigin have jobs for all. Finding the best wfh jobs in Delhi is very easy with Gigin. Download the Gigin application for fresh job updates at the heart of the economy. 

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