Top 9 Part-time Jobs in the IT Sector

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The information technology industry is growing every day, catering to the needs of brands and technology consumers. With this evolving growth in consumer base, the industry is always looking for skilled, motivated, and talented people to join and help achieve growth in the industry. 

Additionally, part-time jobs in IT are very popular, especially in the data entry, administrative, and development side of things. So if you are looking for experience to add to your resume but don’t have time to commit to a full-time job, there are several part-time jobs in IT that you can apply to!

Top 9 Part-time Jobs in the IT Sector Worth Applying to!

System Analyst:

A system analyst is responsible for reviewing design components and developing practical solutions to possible business problems. The role requires attention to detail and understanding potential challenges that can cause misalignment in business management and IT operations—undertaking product development cycles, including updates and optimization. Implementation, configuration, and testing of pragmatic solutions is another critical role you will be required to undertake.

You will be responsible for ensuring smooth operations at all times. Additionally, the position may require you to provide training to new joinees and work with technicians to implement practical changes to the final model. 

The position requires the candidate to have a degree in computer science (with a thorough understanding of system operations). In addition, knowledge of business management and operations is appreciated for this position. 

System analyst job requirements:

  • Work closely with external and internal teams.
  • Analyzing existing IT frameworks to identify potential issues and communicating the same to the technical team for resolution
  • Understand the cycle of software development
  • Communicating client briefing into highly detailed and specified project briefs
  • Analyze solutions for technical and business stability
  • Ensuring seamless process from issue reporting to resolving process

UX/UI Designer:

The IT sector values the look and feels of its products alongside ensuring the highest quality of services. As a user experience designer, you will be required to provide a seamless user experience. Additionally, the designer will be required to collect feedback on design performance and make amends to make the browsing experience seamless. 

This position requires the candidate to stay updated with recent developments in UX/UI and implement them in product/services for enhanced user experience. A design background and an eye for detail are required for this position. 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Collecting and analyzing user requirements and working with engineers and product managers for successful and seamless implementation
  • Developing mockups and prototypes displaying how the new update will function
  • Understand user requirements and cater to it
  • Identify and resolve technical issues
  • Adhere and work following industry standards to create UX/UI interface that exceeds client expectations

Database Administration:

Data is an important aspect in the IT industry; with a surplus amount of data flowing in every day, data administration is a popular part-time job in IT. This job requires the person to diagnose and manage problems that can cause the system to fail or slow down. Patience and thinking outside the box are key skills to have for this position.

The role and responsibilities are:

  • New software installation and configuration
  • Database security maintenance and keep up for employee access
  • Planning and implementation of tasks
  • Database tuning and troubleshooting
  • Monitoring system to tackle any issues 
  • Recovery and backup maintenance of database
  • Complete maintenance and error detection

Technical Writer:

The IT industry has a strong background in creating solutions that change how everyday solutions function. The industry is constantly evolving, and while it is on point with providing practical solutions, not everyone can read through core information technology,y and this is where a Technical Writer comes to the rescue. 

As a technical writer, you will need to understand technical updates, changes, and processes a system has undergone and explain the same in simple, understandable language. They are also responsible for taking care of the SEO side of things to help with search engine rankings. 

The role and responsibilities are:

  • Prepare easy to understand hard user manual
  • Maintain consistent and engaging language of communication constant throughout all platforms
  • Plan and develop operation manuals 
  • Manage updates in the IT sector and keep the target audience informed
  • Maintain library of technical documentation


With collaborations amongst companies in the IT sector happening all the time, a receptionist is a part-time job in IT that is mostly preferred by women who want to scale up in their career while having a history in managing people and tricky situations being cool as a cucumber. The responsibilities involve setting up calls, scheduling appointments, people management, keeping a log of visitors, work with secretaries and PAs to ensure a smooth transition of in-house and outdoor processes. Having patience and note down minute details efficiently are skills required to succeed in this choice of career. Time management is crucial and a must.

Role and responsibilities include:

  • Be presentable and display a positive attitude at all times
  • Able to hold interactions with customers
  • Maintain workplace security as necessary
  • Answering, forwarding, and noting down important information from phone calls
  • Managing junior administrating staff
  • Sorting and managing mail
  • Scheduling and following up on appointments
  • Be the first point of contact in the organization

Quality Engineer:

IT products or range of services require mandatory testing before they are released for public use. Quality Engineers are responsible for ensuring that the product or service performs as desired and can achieve goals as specified. In addition, they are responsible for maintaining system performance, ensuring everything complies with protocols specified, and identifying issues & troubleshooting. 

Role and responsibilities are:

  • Implementing quality control parameters
  • Making a seamless workflow, product complying and processes
  • Following client brief and targets with product/service being delivered
  • Reviewing codes, processes, and features
  • Identifying bugs and troubleshooting the same

Security Engineer:

Information security is a vital issue for every organization. A security engineer is responsible for continuously monitoring and reviewing the product cycles to prevent security lapses. It requires an incredible sense of responsibility and problem-solving skills. In addition, any error found during the process must be identified and reported to technicians for repair.

Role and responsibilities are:

  • Actively implementing satisfactory quality control
  • Developing performance standards and ensuring necessary processes
  • Actively conducting penetration testing
  • Monitoring systems to prevent security breaches
  • Identifying thin areas and building security to prevent breaks
  • Report all findings and conduct thorough follow-ups

Analytics Manager:

Data gives insights into what is trending, how the service or the product is performing, crash reports, errors, and even the feedback enhancing the scope for improvement. An Analytics Manager is responsible for reading through data lines to understand performance parameters and recommend enhancements for product or service stability. The role requires the candidate to have attention to detail, data interpretation skills, and a presence of mind to come up with practical solutions. 

Roles and responsibilities are:

  • Creating strategies for effective data reporting and interpretation
  • Selection, configuration, and implementation of possible solutions to boost analytics performance
  • Stay updated with industry trends
  • Putting the best of frameworks to increase the success
  • Work with sales and management to deliver results

Software Developer:

If finding solutions to existing problems is your favorite thing to do, the role of a software engineer is ideal for you! The job requires the presence of mind the ability to find possible solutions through brainstorming and practical implementation of ideas. A degree in computer science is required along with an eye for problem-solving.

Role and responsibilities are:

  • Sound knowledge of computer systems 
  • Be able to program solutions
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Being updated about the latest developments in the industry
  • Be able to work with teams and implement ideas into reality

Top 9 Part-time Jobs in the IT Sector

If you want to work in a fast-paced, growing industry looking for young and skilled talent to join their team. If you are a tech enthusiast and want to start a career in IT, download Gigin and get applying! 

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