What are Online Part-Time Jobs to Earn 500 Per Day?

Part-time Jobs

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Are you looking for a job through which you can earn 500 per day? There are a variety of part-time jobs that can be taken by anyone and start earning a salary! But here’s the thing: finding the right job can get difficult in today’s competitive market. This is where Gigin can help!

Gigin caters to a wide range of employees who are constantly looking to hire talent like you! There are a variety of jobs available that are high-paying and sure to bring career satisfaction!

This blog explores the top 5 part-time jobs to earn 500 per day. Are you ready to start working? Keep reading this blog to find out the perfect job for you!

Top 5 Part-time Jobs to Earn 500 Per Day

1- Data Entry Jobs:

The average salary in India for data entry jobs is in the range of  ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 3.0 Lakhs. The job requires the candidate to keep track of information and data in the organization. The candidate will be required to feed such information and data into computer systems. 

Part-Time Jobs

The candidate will also be required to organize the available data and ensure all the records are being maintained at all steps of organizational processes. In case any error is identified, the same must be reported to higher authorities to take care of the reported error.

2- Content Writing:

Content writing is a trending job that many students and women opt for. The job type requires the candidate to write high-quality content following the best SEO practices. There are various niches within the content writing industry that a candidate can take an interest in. 

Part-Time Jobs

These niches vary from technical content writing, medical content writing, finance content writing, financial content writing, and more! You can take up relevant content writing roles and start earning depending on your interest! The average salary for a content writer in India ranges from  ₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 6.2 Lakhs. 

3- Graphic Designing:

If you enjoy creating engaging and visually appealing designs, consider becoming a graphic designer. With a salary range of ₹ 1.1 Lakhs to ₹ 6.5 Lakhs, it is a career worth considering. The candidate will be required to have a working knowledge of graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Illustrator, and other graphic designing and editing applications. 

4- Retail Assistant Jobs:

Retail companies are always expanding and are looking for enthusiastic and smart people to join the workforce. Being a retail assistant is a job of responsibility and requires the candidate to have ample patience when dealing with customers. Various companies are on the lookout for such job openings.

Part-Time Jobs

This is also a great way to start a career as the job brings ample exposure to customer management and sharpens communication skills. The salary range for this role ranges from 0.3 Lakhs to 3.8Lakhs for the Manager role.

5- Social Media Marketing Assistant:

Social media marketing is on the rise, and if you are social media enthusiast, this is the perfect job opportunity for you! The position is very popular, and skilled talents are very much in demand. The position is great if you are looking for internship or apprentice positions. The salary for this job is in the range of ₹1.27Lakhs to ₹80.2k.

Find the Right Part-time Jobs on Gigin!

Gigin has an ocean of opportunities for everyone! If you are looking for part-time jobs near you, it is time to download the app and get started! Ready for your first job?

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