Top 9 Careers for Women Looking at Part-time Jobs

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Part-time jobs are popular amongst women who restart their careers after a break or looking to add experience to their profile while managing household or academics. While many industries are offering work from home right now, it is the candidate’s preference if they are looking for office experience or want to continue working from the comfort of their home. 

The choice at the end is yours and it is worth noting that many industries are flexible, it is just a matter of making the right decision. 

This blog explores nine part-time jobs for women looking for career growth. 

9 Part-time Jobs for Women for Career Growth!

1. Data Entry Jobs:

Companies have loads of data to keep track of, and data entry is a job profile that is always in demand. If you are good at data interpretation, have a knack for using computers, and can sort data into various categories on Excel or any other data entry software, this is a career worth taking up. 

The workload is usually manageable, and by learning simple Excel functions, you can simplify and get work done faster. 

A stable internet connection, a computer system, and knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other data entry software are a must. In addition, time management and maintaining clear communication are crucial skills you need to possess as you will be required to work actively on deadlines. 

2. Cabin crew and hospitality jobs:

Hospitality is an industry that has seen more women joining the workforce in recent years. Due to their charm and ability to make people feel welcomed and comfortable, hospitality offers amazing part-time jobs for women. 

If you enjoy traveling and want to pursue a career that pays in ample for it, cabin crew is the way to go! Not only do you get the opportunity to visit new places with every flight, but the pay scale is also appreciable as well. In order to join the aviation and hospitality industry, you will be required to undergo courses and training that prepare a person to handle a tricky situation with calm and composure. 

Great communication skills and the ability to make people comfortable in your presence is required skills. You could also be encouraged to know more than one language in some places.

3. Teacher:

Teachers from school days have motivated many individuals to take up the profession as their career. Teaching is a popular profession for women due to the fixed working hours, satisfactory payscale, and a chance at bringing the big change through teaching and interacting with the youth of this generation. 

It is also a great part-time job for women career options for its flexibility and organized workload. A Bachelor’s in Education is a required qualification for this post.

Alternatively, you can start your own tuition classes and teach from the comfort of your home. The only challenge here would be completing the curriculum requirements and revision sessions.

4. Administrative jobs:

Known for their skills in time management, meeting deadlines, and delivering quality results, women outperform all expectations in managerial positions. A bachelor’s degree is usually enough to land a job in the administrative field. 

A receptionist is another career opportunity to look at if you have exceptional file keeping skills, book management abilities can communicate the information well, and can easily handle tricky situations. 

Many commercial offices require administrative staff and are looking for the right talent to hire. Receptionist jobs span across many industries, including hospitality, medicine, and even aviation. 

5. Medicine and nurse jobs:

In recent years, women have paved the way to becoming doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. A degree in medicine is required to become a doctor, whereas, for a nurse’s position, a valid degree in nursing is required for a nurse’s position. For other health care jobs like physiotherapy, you will be required to have valid certification to prove your ability and qualifications to undertake the job without putting anyone at risk. 

Additionally, women are great at psychology-related jobs that involve human interaction, showing genuine empathy, and offering comfort in situations of dilemma and stress. Diagnostic jobs are another aspect worth considering. 

6. Fashion-related jobs

Having a taste for fashion is a trait. Being updated with current trends and knowing how to create statement looks every time makes you an ideal candidate. Start by becoming a fashion blogger, talking about what’s in trend and how to accessorize it. Careers like fashion designing, interior designing, jewelry designing are some of the career options in the field. 

Alternatively, if you are skilled in knitting, embroidery, or bringing ideas to reality, opening a business of your own is a great chance at being your own boss and achieving milestones that define your progress!

7. Freelancing:

If you cannot work on a schedule, freelancing gigs are perfect for you. They are often project-based and can work at your own pace. The pay scale is often negotiable, so you are in sync with current market trends, you can negotiate higher pay. Sincerity and delivering quality work are two ethics to live by for such jobs. 

There are various available freelancing opportunities, including:

  • Virtual assistant jobs
  • Content writer jobs
  • Graphic designer and video editor jobs
  • Editor and proofreading jobs

Freelancing in recent years has seen an upward trend and is something worth trying. Gigin helps women find gigs that are just right for them. So download Gigin and find your dream job with a few swipes! 

8. Cosmetics and beauty:

Being the second-largest cosmetics and makeup products consumer in the world. Indian women are constantly looking for skilled professionals to help them elevate their looks and how they feel. It’s a job that requires attention to detail, honesty, and patience. 

With more women indulging in self-care habits regularly today, the demand for salon treatments, grooming methods, and other aspects like massages, etc., is seeing a rise in demand. 

Proper training and using quality products to meet customer expectations is the backbone of this industry and whale there’s always something new to learn; this career option is great for women who want to start their own business but have part-time jobs for women’s flexibility. 

9. Data Science:

Data is everywhere, and with evolving technology, data science is a fast-growing industry that is constantly looking for talents who can fill the gaps. If you are interested in coding and can understand the basics to complexities of data structure and management system, operations, and more. In that case, it is a great field to hustle your way in!

Thanks to the internet, you can find many online courses that can help you prepare for such jobs, and many of these courses offer a certificate as well. Data mining is another aspect to look at if you are interested in pursuing a career extensively.

The Start for a Successful Career Starts From Today!

There are many career options available that women today can accelerate in. The limits are endless, from a content writer to a data scientist to working a yoga session. If you are a woman looking to restart their career, make a switch, or add an extra stream of income, this blog lists some fantastic and worthy career fields you can launch yourself in. 

Ready to grow? Download Gigin and find your dream job in a few swipes!

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